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Crumble wax

“Crumble,” sometimes called “crumble wax” or “honeycomb wax,” is a cannabis extract that can be identified by its malleable texture that falls apart when touched. Unlike most concentrates, such as shatter or wax, crumble is very versatile. Dabbing is not limited to this. You can also add it to joints, blunts, spliffs, and even sprinkle …

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Decarb weed

When decarboxylating your cannabis in an oven, it’s important to remember that the temperature dial on an oven is more of an average temperature than an exact one. Ovens can fluctuate in temperature by 20 or more degrees, so keep an eye on your cannabis. If it turns brown too quickly or smells like it …

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Oil vs Flower

Even though cannabis oils are becoming a very popular consumption method, there are still many consumers who are unfamiliar with them. For this reason, they tend to stick to using the products they know, like dried flower cannabis and are resistant to expanding their horizons. Here’s are some key differences between cannabis oil and dried …

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