How to Smoke Weed: The Best Way

Smoking weed is one of the most popular social customs in America. Weed culture has been around for generations now and there are plenty of ways to smoke pot that will give you an unforgettable experience!

Smoking weed can lead to depression, anxiety, and paranoia

Marijuana is not usually addictive, but it can lead to dependence. If you smoke weed daily for a year or two and then stop smoking there may be some mild withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, difficulty sleeping through the night (insomnia), mood swings, anxiety, and depression.

ways to smoke weed

Smoking weed can make you forgetful and have short-term memory loss.

It’s not uncommon to forget where you left keys or what happened earlier in the day after smoking marijuana because of THC (one of the active ingredients).

When THC gets into your bloodstream and goes to work on the brain, it inhibits the neurotransmitters that control memory and learning.

It takes THC several hours to fully leave your body after smoking weed. This is why it can be hard to remember what happened during the hours following your smoke session. 

The best way to make a bong is by using an apple and some plastic

The recipe for the perfect bong begins with finding two large pieces of fruit, one thin enough that it can be cut in half and inserted into another piece like you would put together peanut butter cups. The first step then requires making several cuts around the circumference so as not to puncture anything inside when expanding your hole later on – which will happen next! From there, all you need are four household items: scissors or any kind of sharp item (preferably metal) wire from electrical appliances paper towels milk water. After squeezing out about 10 ounces worth from each container drink up what’s left before ripping off small squares; these should measure roughly three inches per side. Next, place one square on a paper towel and cover it with two tablespoons of milk followed by another square that’s been rolled into the form of a bowl. Now you’re ready to build your bong!

ways to smoke weed

With a bong, you’ll need marijuana that’s been ground up into fine pieces (called kief). Then fill your bowl with some pot, add water and smoke it like any other cigarette or cigar! You can also use ice cubes if you want to make it colder but beware because this will lower the potency for sure – which is great if all you want is just something to take off the edge then go about your day without being too high. In addition, we have tutorials on how best to clean a bong after every smoking session so check those out as well!


Joints are somewhere between a crack pipe and the bong in terms of consumption. Joints have been around for decades now, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s just as easy to roll one up with some weed, tobacco, or any other substance you want these days too!

In my opinion, joints are the best way to smoke weed because they’re easy to make and provide a very smooth smoke. The joint is less harsh than smoking a blunt or having someone light you up with a pipe.

A joint is a rolled cigarette with cannabis in it. There are many ways to make a joint, but the most popular method involves rolling the dried marijuana into paper with one end of the paper unrolled so that you can use your mouth to seal the joint closed after putting weed inside it.


This is the most popular way to smoke weed and arguably, how it all began. With a bag of seeds in one hand and harvesting your crop with the other, you’ll have plenty of material for smoking every day! The advantage to this method is that when grown properly at home under good conditions, marijuana can be quite potent because there are no middlemen or what we call “dealers”. That said many people don’t grow their plants due to legal limitations on where they live but if you’re lucky enough to not have any laws against growing pot then start by checking out our tutorials on how best to cultivate cannabis indoors or outdoors.

This is very important! If there are bits of ash on the weed that will go into your mouth I promise this won’t be enjoyable for anyone involved in this experience. Okay now bring up some tobacco onto your fingers then spread them out evenly across the top so they’re even with each other but not too close together as well because if we do get too many next to one another sometimes air doesn’t flow through enough when lighting it which can lead it not being lit properly after taking our first puff (and nobody wants that).

2 thoughts on “How to Smoke Weed: The Best Way”

  1. I was a glass pipe and bong person up until a few month ago when I got my dry herb vape. Now I prefer the vape, I find combustion makes me really sleepy. I’ll still smoke a joint at parties sometimes, but I try to stick with the vape.

  2. Best choice is to get a bowl. You can just roll a j small if you don’t think you will smoke it all either but j ‘s also smell more.

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