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Neptune OG Strain

Neptune OG is a balanced hybrid that provides an uplifting feeling followed by a highly sedative one. Many people use this drug for evening relaxation after a busy day or to relax and unwind. Hybrid…
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Top 44 Cannabis Strain

The Top 44 is a potent indica strain bred for its high yield. It’s perfect for those looking to get some rest since it has relaxing and sedative effects, as well as being an analgesic.…
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White Gushers Marijuana Strain

White Gushers is a delectable, juicy, sweet, and gooey dessert. That’s White Gushers in a nutshell. It isn’t just about the sweets. The indica-dominant White Gushers cannabis strain has all of that and more. It…
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Wedding Cake Weed

Unfortunately, the Wedding Cake strain does not have a strong flavor that tastes like a wedding cake. Instead, it’s earthy and sour. Only towards the end do you get a faint hint of sweet sugariness.…
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Sour Diesel Sativa Weed

The nameless Sour Diesel is one of the most noxious strains ever produced, and for good reason. It has a strong skunk, gasoline, and lemon odor. So it may not be one of the most…
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Lemon Jack Weed

The Lemon Jack marijuana variety, for example, is a citrusy treat that is becoming more popular. It’s regarded as an excellent social strain that performs well throughout the day or early evening hours. This strain…
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Myrcene: What is it

Your favorite cannabinoids can’t be responsible for the unique fragrance of cannabis. Terpenes, on the other hand, are responsible for cannabis’ distinct scent and flavor. They may also contribute to the experience’s intensity and some…
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Black Mamba

Black Mamba, also known as “Black Mamba #6,” is an indica marijuana strain thought to be a cross of Granddaddy Purple and Black Domina. This strain features dark green and dense nugs that have a…
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The Nebula marijuana strain was bred by Paradise Seeds in 1996. Its name means “Starcloud” and it has been known to “twinkle” with THC coating, with a head and body buzz described as intense and almost psychedelic.…
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G12 Skunk Indica

The G12 Skunk Indica is a skunky indica hybrid known for its sleep-inducing and relaxing high as well as skunky flavor. G12 Skunk Indica is commonly used to alleviate symptoms including sadness (such as mood…
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