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Designate one of your apples as a smoking device and refer to it as an “apple pipe” rather than an apple bong. You are now reading an article on how to make a water apple pipe. This article not about how to make an apple bong-it explores the details of apples as a smoking device. A bong is filled with water, which filters the smoke before being inhaled. A pipe consists of a direct line from the smoke to your lungs. One of the skills found in engineering is creating a water-filled capsule that could fit inside of an apple. That’s why our preference is the apple pipe – a device that is easy to make and great for inexperienced weed smokers. Ever wondered how to make a pipe out of an apple? We tell you below.

What is an apple pipe?

A homemade pipe constructed out of the apple is sometimes called a cannabis bong, but most often referred to as an apple bong. The construction of an apple pipe is considered healthier than the construction of a tin foil or soda can pipe. The apple pipe is inexpensive and effective. Anyone who doesn’t have a piece of smoking apparatus or anything else on hand wants to easily get rid of any evidence, or just doesn’t want the hassle can use an apple as a makeshift device.

apple pipe weed

How do you make an apple pipe?

Crafting an apple pipe may seem complex, but in just a few simple steps you will soon be smoking cannabis out of your healthy fruit.

Here’s what you’ll need to make and use a classic apple pipe:

  • an apple
  • a toothpick
  • a clean screwdriver or chopstick
  • weed
  • a lighter
  • apple bong


1. Cut off the apple stem as close to the fruit’s skin as possible. This will create an indentation that can hold your cereal or yogurt. Remove the apple stem, making sure to remove the entire stem down to its base. This divot in the apple will serve as your bowl.

2. Use your screwdriver or chopstick to poke one hole across the center of the apple. One hole will function as a base for your mouthpiece, while another will function as a carburetor

3. Use the toothpick to poke holes in the top of the apple, making sure that at least one is large enough to connect with your initial hole. This will allow air to flow from the mouthpiece, without letting the flower fall through.

4. Do a test run and inhale through the hole you’ve chosen to ensure air can flow through properly.

5. To cover the canvas with paint, plunge your brush into the tube and then poke it into the top of the apple.

6. Place your mouth on the hole you’ve chosen to be your mouthpiece and cover the other hole with your free hand as you light the weed in the bowl.

7. Inhale and enjoy.

How to smoke an apple bong

To smoke the apple, hold it in one hand with your finger covering the hole at the top. Use your other hand to light the marijuana and pull it through the hole on the bottom of the apple.

Why should I make an apple pipe?

Apple pipes offer discretion and easy disposal. They are also inexpensive and make for a good substitute when something like rolling papers or a personal pipe isn’t available or accessible. Cannabis users also have a better chance of being exposed to THC resin when vaporizing, they don’t lose the resin to glass in the same way as people who use traditional pipes. Finally, if you are done smoking the apple you theoretically could eat it. However, we don’t recommend that given the smoke residue on the apple.

apple pipe weed

Why Would You Want To Smoke From An Apple?

Smoking weed out of an apple is an easy way to go when you don’t have anything else. The appeal of the apple pipe lies in its easy availability. Apart from being able to get your hands on a pot, you can find an apple and a pen anywhere. Besides, if you want to keep your consumption of cannabis on the down-low and avoid owning glass pipes, making an apple pipe is a great way. It’s also just a fun, organic way to smoke!     

Does an apple pipe make weed taste better?

Unfortunately, smoking weed out of an apple pipe won’t produce the flavor of apples. While you won’t be smoking your cannabis out of a glass pipe, you will get to enjoy an untainted taste!

How long will the apple pipe last?

It is best if your apple pipe remains a single-use device because apples brown quickly after they’ve been cut. You could probably get away with using your apple pipe more than once a day if you’re good about storing it in the fridge between smoke sessions.

Are there other fruits I can smoke out of?

Although many people think apples are the only fruit you can use for smoking, other fruits work well too. Any fruit is great for impromptu pipes, and many vegetables are great too. If you’re not feeling challenged enough with an apple pipe, try making one out of a strawberry, banana, or carrot.

2 thoughts on “Apple Pipe weed”

  1. I usually don’t even cut the bowl into it, it already has a perfectly good one at the top if you get the right apple. I take a screw driver and poke a hole through the “natural bowl” at the top and another hole for pulling. Smoked out of potatoes a few times too, no i’m not Irish.

  2. A notice to everyone: Making apple pipes can be really fucking hard. You have to aim the holes down right where it goes into the tunnel you made by the pencil.
    I just stab straight through the apple, then Stab down throught the top and put in a pipe screen.

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