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October 2021

FECO: Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Today’s episode is all about Full Extraction Cannabis Oil, commonly known as FECO. It’s a really concentrated cannabis extract. The trichomes are removed from the flower food grade ethanol before it’s heated, allowing you to create a highly-concentrated, thick cannabis extraction. FECO may be used in a variety of applications, including edibles, topicals, and vaporizing. …

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Coffee With Kief

The day begins (and continues, over and over) for many people with a fresh, hot cup of joe. Which is excellent. No, really, there’s nothing wrong with that; drinking plain old coffee is wonderful. It’s just… what if that coffee also made you high? That sounds exciting to you, then strap in: We’ve discovered a …

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Copaiba vs. CBD

The therapeutic benefits of Copaiba are now better known than ever before. The two goods have increased in popularity over the past several years. Perhaps this is due to some kind of link, as CBD and copaiba share a lot more in common than their current appeal. of relationship between them, given that CBD and …

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There are over 120 cannabinoids, but which one should you eat? Cannabis is packed with them. Isn’t it amazing how many cannabinoids there are in cannabis? What exactly is a cannabinoid, and how should it be pronounced? Cannabinoids (ka·nuh·buh·noyds) are the natural chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. THC is the most well-known cannabinoid …

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