Difference between Caviar and Moon Rocks

Cannabis caviar and moon rocks are relatively new to the marijuana industry, and if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out on an incredibly powerful high. Moon rocks and caviar are potent THC marijuana goods that stimulate far more than regular cannabis. Moon rocks have become quite popular in California, while Denver smokers have extolled the advantages of caviar. You can buy moon rocks or caviar in Colorado and California, although you must understand exactly what you’re getting before purchasing. So, what exactly are moon rocks and cannabis caviar, and why are they different from one another? This article will address all of the differences and similarities between moon rocks and caviar, as well as where to get them.

What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks are marijuana buds that have been drenched in hash oil and then rolled in a layer of kief. Moon rocks are typically made with high-quality top shelf cannabis, as the entire objective is to create a highly potent product. The bud may be coated in hash oil or kief produced from the same strain as the bud being used. Because moon rocks contains THC levels comparable to those of not just the bud, but also the hash oil and kief, it may contain up to 50% – 91 percent THC.

Cannabis caviar, also known as moon rocks or marijuana caviar, is essentially cannabis caviar with another name. Some people refer to them as Cannabis Caviar, while others call them Moon Rocks – Caviar Marijuana, marijuana caviar – tomato, and so on. Others dispute that moon rocks always have an extra layer of kief at the end of the process, and cannabis caviar does not. The two items are so similar in terms of potency, effects, and other characteristics that they may be difficult to distinguish. This difference might very well be the only one that distinguishes the two products. We’re along with you there. THC levels in moon rocks are usually 51%. This was an exceptional amount at the time when they initially hit the market. Then came Sun rocks.

What is caviar marijuana?

Caviar marijuana, or cannabis caviar as it’s sometimes known, is always the same thing as moon rocks. It’s buds that have been soaked in hash oil and usually (but not always!) glistened with kief. When speaking of marijuana that has been saturated in hash oil, “caviar” is sometimes used to describe it. Moon rocks are always caviera, but caviera isn’t necessarily moon rocks. To put it another way

Marijuana buds are one of the most adaptable snacks known to man, so it’s no surprise that we’ve discovered a technique to transform marijuana resin glands into something from the cosmos – moon rocks, or marijuana caviar. Whatever name you give them, you’ll want to try this caviar marijuana as soon as possible!

Cannabis Caviar (Caviar Gold strain), Caviar Concentrates, Weed Caviar, Moon rocks, Marijuana Cavier, Moon rocks are all terms for the same notion of premium marijuana buds that have been hash-oiled and then rolled in a layer of kief. Cannabis Caviar, like other edibles, is made from marijuana. However, because of the incredibly high quality of strains commonly used in Cannabis Caviar ingredients as well as the tremendous potency of kief and cannabis oil, moon rocks are extremely powerful. This amazing combination creates one outstanding high. There are several top-shelf marijuana strains that may be utilized to make Cannabis Caviar, although the most frequent are:

  • KGB strain
  • Mochi Strain
  • THC Diamonds
  • Platinum weed
  • God Bud strain
  • Grapefruit weed
  • Black Diamond cannabis
  • Glue tap strain

Coffee shops in other countries may provide caviar marijuana, although it is mostly sold by dispensaries in North America. Caviar Buds are almost always of excellent quality and potent. I mean extremely powerful – or, some people might say that they’ll send you to the moon if you get too high, thus the name moon rocks. So if you’re a first-time cannabis user, be wary when smoking marijuana caviar.


This is because most businesses start with OG strains while making marijuana caviar. If you utilize OG strains, you’ll frequently end up calling your finished product something with OG in the title. The OG is a homage to the grandmaster strain and a clear indication of both qualities and strength. Cannabis Caviar, commonly known as Caviar OG, is particularly popular in Colorado and California.

It’s also vital to note that there is a variant of Caviar OG, which may lead some consumers to believe that it’s cannabis caviar. It’s still a great strain, so don’t get too upset if you mix them up; however, it isn’t real marijuana caviar. Guess you’ll just have to make the best of what you’ve got and be more accurate the next time you buy! There are few problems in this world we could imagine.

How do you smoke moon rocks or caviar?

Both moon rocks and caviar are costly and delicate, so be careful how you’re lighting it. It might be a little sticky or rigid to the touch if you have caviar with no kief outer layer. If you have moon rocks, there’s a powdery covering to consider. You don’t want to lose any of that precious THC, so trim off little pieces with a pocket knife or metal nail file and smoke them on a smooth, hard surface. Don’t fill the bowl too full or it will be difficult to light, and tilt the bowl portion of the pipe downward slightly as you strike it so that the liquefied hash oil stays in the bud instead of running down into your mouthpiece, potentially clogging your pipe. Aside from that, just smoke it as you normally would, just like a bowl topped with concentrates. Moon rocks or caviar have a reputation for knocking out even experienced stoners; therefore, if you’re new to them, go slowly when smoking them.

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