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what is moonrocks

What is Moonrocks?

Nugs of cannabis flower dipped in extracts and rolled in kief. Moon rocks are typically high in THC, averaging more than 50%, and valued foremost for their potency. Moon rocks are also frequently referred to as “cannabis caviar,” although this title is technically reserved for nugs dipped in extracts, without the added layer of kief.  …

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Are shrooms illegal in canada

Are shrooms illegal in canada?

Following the legalization of cannabis, there has been a renewed interest in psychedelics that has been bolstered by scientific breakthroughs and an informed understanding of the benefits psychedelics have provided in the past. The research and development in this emerging industry has been drawing attention particularly from the capital markets. Companies are recognizing the medical …

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weed hallucinations

Do People Get Hallucinations with Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis is now being used for many different serious ailments – everything from reducing nausea when receiving chemotherapy treatment to treating anxiety and depression within the context of treating a state of Ohio qualifying condition. Its calming and relieving effects have also been touted as a good alternative to opioids, which are causing an …

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