stoner cartoons

Stoner cartoons

Do you often wonder, “what are the best shows to watch high?” Or, more specifically, “what are the best cartoons to watch high?” You’re not alone. Yet who can answer you? God? Yahweh? TV Guide? Place no stock in their answers – the latter is swayed by ratings and ad revue, the former by moral affiliations. Trust this list to be your guide as you scour the Earth not just for cartoons to watch, not only because you want to watch animated cartoons (as opposed to non-animated ones?), but because you’re one of a discerning group, the cartoon stoners, and you want the best animated shows to watch high.

Maybe you’re high right now. Good for you. Was it an edible? Did you roll a joint? Rip a bong hit? Fire up the vaporizer? Are you comfortable, with access to both this list and a TV or Netflix or Hulu or other streaming platform? Time to run down the great stoner cartoons of all time, from early classics like Ren & Stimpy or Hey Arnold! to modern favorites like BoJack Horseman and Rick and Morty. What are the best TV shows to watch high? What you ultimately choose depends upon a few variables – how high you are, what kind of high you have, what kind of animated shows you like, and which drugs you’re on and if you’re limited to just what’s on Netflix. Presumably you’re just smoking weed. Anything stronger is inadvisable.

Certainly, the best shows to watch high on mushrooms on your big comfy couch as a light drizzle falls outside are not the same as the best shows to watch while railing lines with a Colombian drug lord in stash house filled with machine guns and naked women. While one situation might call for a nice, sweet episode of Bob’s Burgers or even Looney Tunes, the other is begging for a little Archer or even a particularly grizzly old Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons. Good cartoons to watch while you’re tripping down the k-hole (be careful with that horse tranquilizer, btw) are not the same cartoon movies to watch while mixing angel dust with bath salts and assaulting and consuming your enemies in a savage ritual of power (which, honestly, you probably shouldn’t be doing in the first place).


It is hard to put the concept of Aqua Teen Hunger Force into words. Just trying to describe the characters makes it sound like the creators must’ve been high when they designed the show. The characters make no sense, the plot is often bizarre, and the animation style takes pride in mocking itself. By all accounts, Aqua Teen Hunger Force shouldn’t be great to watch, but it really, really is.

A few joints in, and suddenly the show just seems to make sense. Don’t ask us how, just smoke and find out for yourself.


An absolute classic that contains all the elements needed to keep stoners entertained. Outlandish animal characters may start life grounded in reality, but quickly defy the odds and cheat death regularly. The episodes are also short and sweet, which is a welcome change from the hour-long comedy specials on Netflix.

Sometimes, you want to watch something that lasts as long as one joint, before getting stuck into your evening plans. Looney Tunes will remind you of those carefree years as a child, and leave you floating with feel-good vibes.


stoner cartoons

No matter how many times you watch the same episode of Rick and Morty, there is always a subtle innuendo or hidden reference you miss. There are the obvious jokes; then there are the inside jokes that only loyal fans will understand. The difficulty, however, is the show can be a little hard to get into, especially if you have started late and your friends have a head start.

Fire up the bong, get the first couple of seasons lined up, and before you know it, you’ll be the guy that’s doing flawless Rick impressions at house parties.


Ren represents the uptight, moderately stressed corporate machine that many of us fall victim to being. While Stimpy, on the other hand, is the fun-loving, carefree friend we all wish we could be a little more like. Whether you relate to the characters or not, there is something strangely real about the scenarios that Stimpy gets himself into, and the way Ren reacts.

Add marijuana into the equation, and The Ren and Stimpy Show is one of the few cartoons that will have you rolling around with laughter, rather than just the light exhale many shows manage these days.


stoner cartoons

If you struggle with some of the ageing animation techniques used in older shows like Looney Tunes or Freakazoid, Adventure Time is the modern remaster that captures the essence of lovable children’s cartoons. While many of the characters may appeal to children, it is the dialogue and suggestive nature that have captured the hearts of adults.

The perfect way to fuse the visually appealing nature of the animation with the laughter-inducing narrative is to add some top-drawer ganja to the proceedings. By allowing your mind to wander the cosmos, it suddenly feels like you are right there with the Adventure Time crew.

Cartoon Characters that Definitely Got High


Western society has long been fascinated with Japanese culture and the concept of the samurai. Samurai Jack blends Western animation and constant action with the themes of honour and redemption as told by ancient clans of samurai warriors.

While many viewers tune in for the classic underdog tale of Jack against the hordes of evil, stoners stay for the intoxicating art style and iconic soundtrack. An intensely euphoric sativa is the ideal complement to the vivid colours and fast-paced fight scenes. Cannabis elevates the show, helping it become the perfect conduit for East-meets-West.


If you have already seen some of the older cartoons in our must-watch list, then it is easy to see their influence in Spongebob Squarepants. The show perfectly balances simple animation with very adult themes. In fact, if you have been on the internet in the last five years, it doesn’t take much to find a sprawling collection of Spongebob memes.

Pre-roll a few blunts, and the charismatic characters will become your new best friends. Some cartoons don’t have to make sense to be funny, they just are.


stoner cartoons

If you thought the best stoner cartoons would all be about bizarre characters and high-octane fight scenes, think again! Sailor Moon still has some odd characters, and there is action, but the show has an appeal that’s grown among adult men and women. The main characters are fighting for justice while trying to balance the struggles of everyday life. Highly relatable for a large portion of its audience, Sailor Moon has gathered a cult following.

With a few joints to break you in, you will soon find you have more in common with the main characters than you originally thought.


Freakazoid comes from an era that many of us cannot believe existed. Cartoons were free to push the boundaries of their jokes, and their characters, but still be shown in primetime slots.

Freakazoid is not your typical superhero; instead, he may be one of the first anti-heroes to capture the attention of mainstream audiences. Either way, he is strangely charming—in a slightly psychotic and deranged kind of way. With a ton of subtle references and quick skits, a hard-hitting indica helps slow down the senses and let you capture every moment.


stoner cartoons

One of the few (surviving) shows that is still allowed to step over the line and tackle controversial topics.

With 22 seasons, there is plenty of satirical humour to go around, but all that popular culture can wear a little thin after a while. Instead, try chomping down on a few edibles before embarking on a South Park binge. The fart jokes, jibes about Cartman’s mum, and the infamous “who killed Kenny line” will seem just as funny 22 seasons in as they did when watching the first episode.

If This list would have included more than 10 stoner cartoons, we could also add in Gravity Falls, Cow and Chicken, Dexter’s Lab and a plethora of others. Nonetheless, now you have a list of the top 10 best stoner cartoons ever to binge on your next day off.

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  1. Love Death and Robots. its not exactly a cartoon, but more like an animated series with a bunch of different animation techniques and it’s dope and wild as hell

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