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White Rhino Strain

The White Rhino is a superb indica with a high yield and superior purity. It’s the product of three well-known origins in Afghanistan, India, and Brazil. This indica hybrid combines all of its parent strains’…
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True OG Cannabis Strain

OG is a smelly and sweet smelling Kush variety that is deserving of its status as one of the most smooth indica weed strains available. This strain was developed on the sunny California coast, and…
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Hawaiian Punch Cannabis Strain

Hawaiian Punch is a juicy, berry-flavored drink that evokes memories of fruit punch. However, it has a strong THC content, comparable to real fruit punch. This strain may have a THC concentration of up to…
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Mango Marijuana Cannabis Strain

The Mango Kush marijuana strain is a cross between the legendary Sweet Tooth and an undisclosed indica variety. It’s gotten quite popular in recent years, thanks to its delicious taste. The buds are covered with…
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What is Cannabis glycerin tincture

Cannabis tinctures used to be sold in the same way as aspirin. Many individuals utilized a cannabis tincture instead of taking a pain pill before 1937, when it was illegal in most states. Because they…
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Difference between Caviar and Moon Rocks

Cannabis caviar and moon rocks are relatively new to the marijuana industry, and if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out on an incredibly powerful high. Moon rocks and caviar are potent THC marijuana…
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How to make cannabis tincture

Tinctures are mixtures of alcohol and medicine that can be placed under the tongue or smoked. They’re a simple, smokeless method to dose, and they’re particularly popular since they’re quick and easy to produce, store,…
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Indica vs Sativa: What’s the difference?

The Cannabis plant is one of the most beautiful things about it. It has several forms of weed plants, which adds to its beauty. There’s no such thing as a typical marijuana strain or cultivar,…
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FECO: Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Today’s episode is all about Full Extraction Cannabis Oil, commonly known as FECO. It’s a really concentrated cannabis extract. The trichomes are removed from the flower food grade ethanol before it’s heated, allowing you to…
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Cannabis-Infused Lemonade

Lemonade is one of those famous summer beverages that seems to take the heat off the world. It’s a wonderful sweet treat to keep on hand throughout the year. The sour and delicious combination is…
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