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What are the Side Effects of Edibles

Edibles are food products typically made with highly-concentrated cannabis or infused with marijuana. Edibles come in a variety of forms including baked goods, chocolates, gummies, candies or even beverages. They can be made at home…
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weed hookah

Can You Smoke Weed Out of a Hookah?

Smoking hookah loaded with cannabis is a well-loved pastime and is especially popular when among groups of friends. Much like cannabis, hookahs have long been associated with smoking, socializing, and counter-culture—but can you smoke weed…
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huge joint

How To Roll A Huge Joint

Whether you prefer a straight, cigarette-style joint or the classic cone, we all strive to roll the perfectly shaped joint. Not only do pearled joints look good, but they also smoke more evenly than their…
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best sativa

Best Sativa

Sativa; Indica; Hybrid. When you step into the world of getting high, these plant types are the first terms you’ll learn. And though we think of sativas to provide upper effects, indicas to provide sleepy effects,…
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cbd powder effects

CBD. CBD powder effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant with a rich history as a medicine going back thousands of years. Today the therapeutic properties of CBD are…
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weed tolerance

How to Reset Your Weed Tolerance

Feel like cannabis isn’t working for you the way it used to? You might be dealing with a high tolerance. Tolerance refers to your body’s process of getting used to cannabis, which can result in…
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bud cycle

Cannabis Flowering Week By Week Bud Cycle

Slip-ups during the flowering phase can significantly affect the size and quality of your harvest. With a few simple tricks, however, you’re guaranteed a great harvest every time. When the light cycle provides your cannabis…
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weed paranoia

Marijuana Paranoia

Paranoia has always been the Achilles heel of nature’s most wondrous plant. As with all things in life, a dark side exists in the ying-yang of cannabis use. While a medicinal cure-all to many, some…
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