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Shishkaberry Cannabis Strain

The Shishkaberry variety is an exceptionally strong indica-dominant strain with powerful sedative and soporific effects. Don’t be fooled by this strain’s enticingly sweet and fruity scent; it’s highly effective! The strain is also known by…
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Head Cheese Cannabis Strain

The Head Cheese strain was created by crossing three distinct marijuana strains. This strain has a cheesy flavor with undertones of spice and fruit. It contains a lot of THC, as well as numerous medicinal…
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Candy Jack Cannabis Strain

The name of the Candy Jack strain comes from the fact that it does not contain the term “candy.” This plant has a sweet, sugary flavor that is reminiscent of cotton candy, grapes, and berries.…
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Apollo 13 Weed Strain

The Apollo 13 strain is a strong marijuana, and if you’re not careful, it will propel you into another dimension. It has a spacey high with psychedelic side effects and is renowned for its hallucinogenic…
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Fruit Punch Weed Strain

The Fruit Punch strain is a hybrid/sativa-dominant cannabis variety that comes from a wide range of parents, all chosen for their well-known DNA. It’s an excellent type to use while getting high and focusing on…
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Purple Cream Weed Strain

The Purple Cream is a popular Indica marijuana strain with soothing, relaxing, and anxiety-reducing effects. There’s no telling who the breeders or parents are. Some people believe that Purple Cream is a mix of Blackwater…
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Area 51 Marijuana Strain

The mysterious Area 51 is the source of many conspiracy theories. Because of the extreme secrecy surrounding the top-secret military base, it has developed into an urban legend steeped in tales of alien beings and…
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Voodoo Marijuana Strain

Voodoo is a sativa-dominant strain with an insanely dank phenotype of Thai landrace that has a typical THC level of 8-12 percent and a mild profile. The Voodoo cannabis buds are dark olive green in…
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White Rhino Strain

The White Rhino is a superb indica with a high yield and superior purity. It’s the product of three well-known origins in Afghanistan, India, and Brazil. This indica hybrid combines all of its parent strains’…
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True OG Cannabis Strain

OG is a smelly and sweet smelling Kush variety that is deserving of its status as one of the most smooth indica weed strains available. This strain was developed on the sunny California coast, and…
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