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How to Smoke Weed: The Best Way

Smoking weed is one of the most popular social customs in America. Weed culture has been around for generations now and there are plenty of ways to smoke pot that will give you an unforgettable…
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Best Cannabutter Recipe

There are many cannabutter recipes out there, but the best recipe is the one you make yourself. It can be hard to find the right ingredients for your cannabutter recipe and some people may not…
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How To Make A Bottle Bong

A bottle bong is a device that can be used to smoke marijuana. You need a plastic bottle, some water, and something like an old sock. The process of making one takes about 10 minutes…
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Decarb weed

When decarboxylating your cannabis in an oven, it’s important to remember that the temperature dial on an oven is more of an average temperature than an exact one. Ovens can fluctuate in temperature by 20…
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Oil vs Flower

Even though cannabis oils are becoming a very popular consumption method, there are still many consumers who are unfamiliar with them. For this reason, they tend to stick to using the products they know, like…
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Marijuana effect time

The not-so-simple answer to this question is anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours. If that range sounds wildly large, that’s because it is. The intensity and duration of a weed high all depend on…
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Real vape

For years, luxury and premium items have been faked. From designer purses, to jewelry and apparel. Now THC vape carts join the high-end goods being replicated, but the cheaper cost for THC consumption comes with…
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Focus V Carta

The Focus V Carta is a compact dabbing rig that efficiently turns your concentrates into vapor. The electronic vaporizer is a great way to immigrate from traditional dabbing with a flame torch. Its simple operation…
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Cannabis sativa hemp plant

The confusion surrounding hemp CBD vs. cannabis CBD relates to the plant’s classification, name, and makeup. Basically, hemp plants generally contain more CBD, and cannabis plants contain more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound that causes the…
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CBN weed

If you use cannabis, you’ve probably heard all about it’s two most popular cannabinoids, THC and CBD. But these aren’t the only cannabinoids produced by the plant. You’ll also find minor cannabinoids, like CBN (cannabinol),…
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