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myrcene effects

What is Myrcene

Myrcene, also sometimes called beta myrcene, is a monoterpene and a significant component of numerous plants and fruits. These include cannabis, ylang-ylang, bay, parsley, wild thyme, lemongrass, hops,cardamom, and the mango fruit. While myrcene is…
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is weed legal in nevada

Is Marijuana Legal in Nevada?

Yes, both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Nevada. Legislation history Nevada marijuana legalization began when voters passed the Medical Use of Marijuana Act, or Question 9, in 2000. It legalized home cultivation of cannabis…
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whats a spliff

What is a Spliff?

If you’re new to cannabis culture, you probably already know what joints and blunts are, but you may not have heard of a spliff. Here you’ll learn what a spliff is, how the spliff got its name, and the…
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world's strongest strains

World’s Strongest Strains

Fin the complete guide of all the strongest strains available on the planet. Some of them have now reached whopping THC levels of over 35 percent! Read on and see for yourself those strains that…
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How to Make A Homemade Bong?

You’re ready to toke, you’ve ground up the dankest of herbs, but your bong is missing – or worse, broken! What do you do? It’s time to find your inner Macgyver and do some DIY bong making.…
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Can You Donate Blood if You Smoked Weed?

In the unprecedented time of Covid-19, donating blood has never been more essential. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2020 that people may be less inclined to donate blood due to social distancing or…
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entourage effect

Is the Cannabis Entourage Effect Real?

Whether you’re a seasoned cannasseur or a newbie to the herb, you’ve probably heard about the entourage effect. This phenomenon refers to the synergy that takes place when THC, CBD, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes work…
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how to get unhigh

Ways to sober up from being high

Any cannabis consumer can tell you that if there’s one feeling no one enjoys, it’s the moment when you realize, “I’m too high.” Maybe the edible kicked in three hours late. Perhaps you tried to…
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how to feminize seeds

How To Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Growing from feminized cannabis seeds is a space and resource-efficient way of getting all girls, all the time. Find out how to create your own feminized cannabis with Royal Queen Seeds. MAKING FEMINIZED SEEDS Growing…
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