Twisty Glass Blunt

The Twisty Glass Blunt Super Big is the biggest and worst glass blunt ever created. Nicknamed BudZooka, this monster glass blunt loads a whopping 56 grams of bud and is perfect for sharing the fun with lots of people! This supersize glass cigar comes with a sturdy, high-quality travel case so you can take her with you on your journey.

What is a Twisty Glass Blunt?

Glass pipes use a wax-like substance to create smoke instead of tobacco. They’re a mix of bongs and blunts. A Twisty Glass Blunt is made of glass and has a metal twist screw that makes loading its contents easy to manage. Twisty Glass Blunt comes with individual chambers to hold 5 bowls of tobacco.

How Does The Glass Blunt Work?

To fill the pipe, remove the rubber cap from the top and then place cannabis or tobacco inside. Then turn counterclockwise to spin the cannabis to the bottom of the pipe. To light, your pipe, use either a lighter or hemp wick light the bowl. Turn the axle out with your fingers after lighting. After this, you can light the pipe again or put the cap on and continue later.

Use The Twisty Blunt in Combination with a Bong

Extend your bong sessions by replacing the bowl of a bong with the glass blunt. This gives you one and a half grams of cannabis at your disposal that you can divide over many bong hits! The Twisty pipe is designed to fit most glass bongs with a 14.5mm connection. To use it correctly, your glass bong must be fitted with a straight adapter to let the pipes stand both securely and upright.

twisty glass blunt

These 2mm thick glass tubes can be heated at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and are simple to clean. The smoke comes through the 8 holes in the “Tip” portion of the pipe. These holes are easy to clear with the brush that is included. You can clean the glass tube with, for example, an alternative like a bong cleaner.

How Do You Use a Twisty Glass Blunt?

The Twisty Glass Blunt is extremely easy to use:

Step 1: Pull the screw out of the glass

Step 2: Fill the glass tube with flower

Step 3: Twist the screw (left) into the glass tube

Step 4: Light that thang and enjoy

The glass mouthpiece twists, while the twist screw loosens when you need to clean your Twisty Glass Blunt.

While glass blunts are similar to tobacco/hemp wrap in some ways, their design and use resemble that of a chillum.

What Is A Chillum and How Is It Like A Twisty Glass Blunt?

Chillums are like oversized one-hitters. They can be smoked many times. Pack a chillum bowl so you can take several hits before cashing the bowl.

The difference between a regular chillum and the Twisty Glass Blunt is the amount of cannabis packed into it. A regular chillum can typically house no more than a small amount of cannabis.

What Are The Pros and Cons of 7Pipe’s Twisty Glass Blunt?


Ease of Use

One of the leading reasons people purchase premium devices is because they’re easy to load, unload, and clean. Urinals are always in terrible shape, but the thought of needing to get more salt, alcohol, bags, and tampons is a deterrent for them to stay clean.

The convenience of this product makes it well worth the purchase price of 29.99 dollars, after which you can use the screw 10 minutes later for your next project.


If you want into a glass shop to purchase a quality pipe, at the very least, you’ll be paying $40-$60. For only $29.99, 7Pipe’s Twisty Glass Blunt is an affordable solution for those who want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and continue getting their nicotine fix.

A pack of wraps to use for blunts ranges between $1 and $5 on average, but then you have to keep purchasing them, which can eventually cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars throughout the year. A Twisty Glass Blunt is a one-time gift that can be reused.


7Pipe’s Twisty Glass Blunt comes in a wide range of lengths, making them the perfect fit for any consumer. The Twisty Glass Mini holds about .5 grams of the yummiest top-shelf strains you can find, while The Super Twisty enters a whopping 2 ounces (like over 5 joints)

Infinite Cherry

The Twisty Glass Blunts light once and stays lit throughout your entire session. This makes them great for solo and group sessions.


It’s important to be able to pack and go when it comes to handheld cannabis devices. Sometimes we’re too busy and don’t pack everything we need for smoking at home – flowers, grinders, papers, and lighters.

twisty glass blunt

With the Twisty Glass Blunts, you simply grind up a bunch of buds, toss it into a tube, put the tube in your pocket, and then roll out into the world.



The biggest and only con to the Twisty Glass Blunts is the smell. The mouthpiece will still reek of weed even when you use one of the rubber caps that come with your device. In many environments, this is perfectly acceptable; however, it’s something to keep in mind.

The Twisty Glass Blunts Final Call

If I had 30 bucks, needed a piece, and wanted something versatile that does not require maintenance, I would buy a Twisty Glass Blunt in a heartbeat.

To save time and money, this grinder can grind up the desired amount of herbs and then deposit them into a cigarette tube with just one quick motion.

I had already been considering quitting smoking blunts purely because they’re too expensive for someone who smokes 732 times a day, but the Twisty Glass Blunt makes my decision much easier.

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  1. Glass blunts are just pipes with a huge bowl. We sell the twisty blunt ($60) at my dispensary. We used to tell people it was some “Next Level Shit”… finally tried it… just a pipe… we’ve been lying to people. Real blunts are the proper choice.

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