What does Hemp Wick Do

Why Use Hemp Over a Lighter?

Using a lighter means releasing butane, a gas with relatively low toxicity. However, researchers have said “in nonfatal cases, butane appears to have frequently affected the heart and brain. Most of these cases involved inhalant abusers with repetitive exposure to butane.”

The health effects of butane are often studied in large amounts, rather than small exposure over time. The amount of butane that escapes when lighting weed is difficult to determine. Using hemp wick eliminates the risk of butane exposure.

Many enthusiasts will also tell you that butane taints the flavor of cannabis. Hemp burns at lower temperatures and doesn’t produce an adverse flavor, preserving terpenes and overall making for a better session.

what does hemp wick do

If you’re smoking some low-quality stuff, it might not matter to you if a lighter or hemp wick was used. If you’re smoking some very high quality, flavorful stuff, you may want to use a hemp wick to preserve the flavor.

If you’re sharing a bowl with some friends, a hemp wick may make it easier to share without accidentally burning the whole stash. With a hemp wick, you can control the length of the flame, which means you can get more precise with what and where you are lighting. It also allows you to avoid the issue of burning yourself on the lighter for those longer sessions.

The precision hemp wicks offer can be useful for end-of-the-joint situations where lighting the remaining material is difficult. Rather than hold the flame close to your face or accidentally burn it all up at once, you can use the hemp wick to get just enough spark to finish the joint.

Plus, hemp wicks are trendy.

What is HempWick?

HempWick is the ORIGINAL organic lighter alternative that is handmade by the 2 of us Hippies.

HempWick can be used to light ANYTHING… from herbs and smudge to pipes, pilot lights, camping grills, and candles. HempWick™ preserves the flavor of fine herbs, reduces harmful exposure to butane, and makes lighting things fun!

HempWick is Handmade by us Hippies. That’s not only our slogan… It’s totally true. We’ve always made HempWick in small batches and quality tested it ourselves! We lovingly (and laboriously) hand coat every inch of organic hemp in organic beeswax from our local mangroves! We hand package all HempWick products ourselves too. 🙂

Handmade by Hippies means: NO plastic wrap, NO GMOs, NO potato starch, NO lead, NO filler waxes, NO hidden ingredients, NO paraffin wax, NO blended fibers, NO acid salts, NO chemically treated anything, NO outsourcing, NO factories, NO robots, NO made in China, NO funky stuff, and certainly NO unfair labor practices!! Thank you for buying Handmade by Hippies! We are grateful for your support! 

Beeswax: We’re currently waxing with organic tropical wildflower blossom beeswax from our local mangroves! The bee hives it comes from are in our east coast mangroves on super wild land. The bees gather the pollens they need to make wild tropical blossom honey and wax from gallberry, saw palmetto, and other tropical wild flower blossoms. The acreage surrounding their hives is wild, un cultivated, and is not fertilized or chemically sprayed. Our local beeswax is what gives HempWick its super sweet aroma of honey and rich golden color. The color of the wax can vary from light yellow to medium brown because of the season and because it is made by bees from lots of flowers. Bees are naturally attracted to HempWick because they can smell the sweet pure beeswax.

Hemp: Our pure organic hemp is grown in Europe. It is unbleached, minimally processed & un-fooled around with- until we hand wax it! The color of HempWick varies due to the season the hemp is grown, the farm it is grown on and the strain of the plant itself because it is a crop of the earth. Hopefully we will be able to grow it here soon! 

Our Super Groovy Packaging
-All 200ft balls of HempWick come in a super nifty dispenser box. HempWick dispenser boxes are made of 100% post consumer recycled paper and are hand stamped with veggie ink. The dispenser box keeps your HempWick safe from tangling, dust, dirt, pet hair, curious cats, fidgety friends and more! 
-All HempWick single packs (10fts, 30fts & Samples) are hand wrapped on 100% recycled paper that is printed with vegetable ink.

HempWick Uses 

One thing that is sometimes overlooked when switching to hemp wicks is the fact that you’re still going to require a lighter. The wick won’t magically spark and light your weed on its own.

That’s why many people wrap their hemp wick around their lighter. Not only does it make for easy access, but it also serves as a reminder to use each time you pull out the lighter. Plus, when it’s already attached, there is no risk of losing the hemp wick and having to light up the regular way.

Whether you keep a ball of hemp wick in your pocket or have it attached to a lighter, the process is the same. Take the end of the string, light it with your lighter, and give it a moment to burn. Then use the lit end to light your cannabis. You can control how much flame goes into the process, allowing for more precision.

When you’ve finished lighting, you can either dip the hemp wick into water or just wet your fingers and pinch the twine. Once it’s completely out, you can wrap it back around the lighter or store it wherever you choose to keep it.

Some of the following have been tested… LIGHTING TOBACCO PIPES, lighting cigars, lighting hand rolled cigarettes, lighting any fire, lighting grills, lighting hard to reach candles, making candles! Works great in the garden! Tie your plants with it and it’ll attract more bees! It can be used to pull a friend behind a bike on a skateboard, works great for covering up dog gas, it can be used as a fishing line, you can make jewelry out of it, need a belt? tie some HempWick around your waist, its strong enough to use as shoe laces, can be a hair tie, can be used to make all kinds of crafts like HempWick people, and ask us how- it will cut a PVC pipe in half (great for making hula hoops on the go)! 🙂 Please let us know if you have found any other super groovy ways to use HempWick!

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  1. Hemp wick makes me cough way less. It tastes so much better. I just physically feel much better when I smoke with hemp wick. Cheers!

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