world's strongest strains

World’s Strongest Strains

Fin the complete guide of all the strongest strains available on the planet. Some of them have now reached whopping THC levels of over 35 percent! Read on and see for yourself those strains that will take your high to another level.

In the great wide world of contemporary cannabis, we’re certainly not smoking reggie anymore. While the jury is out on how accurate the inspection of cannabis really is when it comes to THC percentage, there is no doubt that today’s herb is more potent and more craft than it has ever been in the past. Classics and new-school blends now co-exist in harmony, setting the stage for some truly earth-shatteringly good marijuana strains. Over the past five years, we have been some impressive new kids on the block. Many of these new creations have quickly earned their place among the strongest strains on the planet. To keep you updated on the very best strains in the world, this master list highlights strains and products that are truly exceptional.

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The Strongest Strains in the World

Back in the 1970s, the average cannabis plant clocked in at a little over one percent THC. Nowadays? The hottest connoisseur strains can feature thirty times that much. Not only is cannabis stronger than it has ever been in history, but the friendly herb now comes in a variety of colors, flavors, and can produce a surprising bouquet of experiential effects. In an effort to highlight some top-notch flowers, here are some of the strongest weed strains in the world.

1. Nova OG

world's strongest strains

Another Manali West treat, Pink Starburst has tested as high 32.49 percent THC. This hybrid is a complicated cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry, Headband (Underdog OG), and AJ Sour Diesel (BX3). The strain was then backcrossed on itself to produce Pink Starburst. Well that’s some skilled breeding, right? The result is a strain with Indica growth patterns but more of an uplifting sativa experience, a true craft flower.

2. Lemon Head

This is a blend that features Faceoff OG. Named after the 1997 Nicholas Cage and John Travolta classic, Faceoff  (where John Travolta literally steals Cage’s face). It has also been said that the high that’s experienced from smoking this strain can be compared to actually “losing your face” because of the tingling sensations and dizzying head high. Infusing this with a Lemon lineage of cannabis is the perfect way to breathe new life into a strain from the ’90s reserved for longtime smokers. The Lemon G of the combination adds a zesty energy to the high that might normally leave you stuck. Although not a pure Sativa the combination of the two parents offers a good balance for pain relief or just general relaxation. Lemon Head has levels of THC that are approximately 22 percent.

3. NYC Diesel

One of the original Diesel strains, this Sativa dominant strain is the hybrid of Afghani and Mexican original strains. The result is a strain that delivers the perfect body elevation for a deep and consuming state of tranquility. Similar to Sour Diesel, smoking this will offer a chattier high and will help relieve symptoms of social anxiety. NYC Diesel has also been known as a potential aphrodisiac. Aromas are pungent, but instead of skunkiness, anticipate strong lime and fruit aromas. It weighs in at 22 percent THC.

4. Cherry Pie

world's strongest strains

A mix up of that Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison this strain tastes exactly how you would expect it too. With hints of fruity aromas and berry flavors, it’s got a calming quality when smoked. Cherry Pie makes for a giggly high and is perfect for the movies or brunch. Its fruity components will compliment the fun vibes you will get since the high allows you to still be sociable. This strain is perfect for fueling the imagination too. Its THC levels are approximately 21.8 percent.

5. Chemdawg

Chemdawg, also known as Chemdog, is a popular and pungent strain that has quickly become a staple for many. Measuring in at a hefty 28.2 percent THC, it’s a hybrid of Sour Diesel and OG Kush and undeniably one of the strongest strains on the planet. Beware of the stinkiness of this strain– like most Diesels, it’s easy to catch a whiff of from far away. This strain delivers a full body high so prepare to feel all the feels after smoking this.

6. Irish Cream

This Indica is raised by Mighty Irish Seeds crossbreeding Real McCoy with Cookies and Cream. It stems from a blend of Girl Scout Cookies. One can expect the same full-body mellow and cerebral high. With an indica-heavy smoothness, Irish Cream will have you high af. Expect a sticky melty feeling combined with a sweet and earthy flavor. But like most real McCoys it will leave you carefree too.  This strain has THC levels of approximately 27.1 percent.

The 4.20 Brownie

world's strongest strains

A solid gram of THC in a brownie? We’ll take it! Lots of people divide this potent 1,000 milligrams brownie up into bites, making multiple doses of it. Its rich, creamy texture is good for cutting into portions without much crumbling. Kudos to California’s Venice Cookie Company for packing so much potency into a brownie that still manages to be quite tasty (although you will detect a distinctly herbal flavor).

The Clear Concentrate

California-based Clear Concentrate makes a dab with the minimalist, but meaningful, name: The Clear. The concentrate is 100 percent solvent-free and comes in 16 different flavors using natural terpenes. Clear Concentrate is one of the strongest weed products, at upwards of 90 percent THC.

TWAX THC Infused Rolling Papers

You have to be a fan of the steady march of progress. Ladies and gentlemen, in modern America, we have access to THC infused rolling papers. Thanks to the genius of cannabis concentrate company The Clear, these papers will take your joints to the next level. TWAX Concentrated Papers are RAW Rolling Papers infused with 100 milligrams of 97 percent THC oil each. That’s going to make a big difference in that joint’s effects, don’t ya know. Two papers will run you about $20.

CannaPunch Drinks

Colorado-based CannaPunch drinks, true to their name, pack a punch at 100 milligrams THC each. Take your pick of Pineapple Mango Delight, Black Cherry Fusion, Watermelon Nectar, Grand Daddy Grape, and Blue Raspberry Sour. The source of the THC in CannaPunch drinks is high-quality, whole cannabis buds.

Sunrocks vs: Moonrocks: which is the stronger strain?

MoonRocks have been all the rage over the past year. Kurupt’s Moonrock stole the show, made of a high-quality Girl Scout Cookies bud dipped in hash oil and coated with kief. The resulting creations look like small meteorites that crumble into moon dust when you break them up. Now, MoonRocks have been taken to the next level with SunRocks. But, when it comes to SunRocks vs. MoonRocks, which one is stronger?

How to smoke SunRocks

Smoking SunRocks takes a little tenderness. These buds should not be placed in a grinder, as the device will butcher the concentrate and kief-laden buds. Instead, it’s recommended to pick SunRocks apart with your fingers. You can also use scissors to gently trim up some SunRocks bud before smoking. For best results, SunRocks should be smoked in a pipe, bubbler, bong, or rolled into a blunt (check out the awesome Trailer Park Boys Bubbles bong). As Snoop Dogg suggests, a little SunRocks or MoonRocks goes a long way. So, it’s best to keep it light with this stuff. He told The Breakfast Club,

If I do do it, I take it and I sprinkle into some regular weed. You can’t just do it by itself, it can’t just be MoonRock solo.

Though many experienced cannabis consumers these days are familiar with the rush of high THC dabs, SunRocks and MoonRocks provide a different experience. Taking a dab is similar to taking a quick shot of your favorite whiskey, while SunRock is more like a Long Island Ice Tea. Enjoying some SunRock or MoonRock is equivalent to dabbing, smoking bud, and topping it off with some powerful kief. All in all, both options make for a truly mind-bending herbal experience.

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  1. HASH BUDZ No.1! If any of you out there know where the strain went please let me know. The plant is dark green with the leaves wide and almost round. It was around in the 80’s and the budz was so covered in crystals and a distinct smell of hash-FYI.

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