How to Make A Homemade Bong?

You’re ready to toke, you’ve ground up the dankest of herbs, but your bong is missing – or worse, broken! What do you do? It’s time to find your inner Macgyver and do some DIY bong making. It’s incredibly easy, fun and will help you get high in a pinch. Most homemade bongs are crafted from ordinary household objects and work surprisingly well. Others can be formed from nature itself. No matter what – no bong, no fear!  

All bongs, even homemade ones, are fairly simple and made up of the same parts. You’ll need a tube-like vessel that can hold water with an open end for the mouthpiece. You’ll also need a piece that can be fashioned into a bowl and downstem. 

Tools for making a bong are simple too. You’ll need a cutting device like scissors and a puncturing device like a safety pin. A knife can do the trick in a pinch, just be extra careful. Tin foil is also really handy to have around for crafting.

The most common types of homemade bongs are made from plastic bottles or fruit. You can get crafty with nature too. Bamboo, wood, and snow are excellent materials for making bongs. You’ll find the five simplest bongs to make with instructions below.  

How To Make A Gravity Bong?

For the most potent homemade bong, assemble yourself a gravity bong! The best part is gravity does all the work for you. You’ll need two plastic bottles, one bigger than the other.  A two-liter bottle and a one-liter bottle are solid choices. You can always get extra crafty and creative with the containers you use after mastering the classic model.

  1. Cut the top from the larger bottle (2-liter) and the bottom off the smaller bottle (1-liter). Good scissors or a sturdy serrated knife will do the trick. Be sure not to cut too much of the bottom from the small bottle – you’ll want to have a big enough chamber to fill with thick clouds!
  2. Drill a hole or use a knife to cut a good sized hole in the cap, careful not to damage the threads. You’ll craft a bowl from tin foil complete with pinholes (you can use a toothpick or a tack if you can’t find a pin.) Screw the cap back on and be sure the bowl and cap both have a good seal.
  3. Fill the bottom bottle with water leaving about an inch and half from the top of the container. At this time you can load the bowl but don’t place the cap just yet.
  4. Next, submerge the top bottle into the water. Screw the cap on. Light the bowl and gently but swifty lift the top bottle straight up and watch the chamber fill.
  5. Finally, enjoy the hit! Just unscrew the cap and use the opening as a mouthpiece. Inhale while pushing the bottle back into the water.

How To Make a Fruit Bong?

how to make a homemade bong

Fruit is nature’s candy, but it can also make a fabulous bong. Select a fruit (or gourd) that is big enough to carve out a water chamber. Pineapples, pumpkins and watermelon work great.

  1. First, carve the top off your fruit. For pineapples, take the spiky green leaves off by slicing the first quarter inch off the rind with a sturdy knife.
  2. Next, scoop out the fruity innards. You might use a pineapple coring tool or your knife.
  3. Once the bulk of the fruit has been removed, you should have a hollow shell that will hold water and stand upright. Poke a hole about two or three inches from the bottom of the pineapple. This is for the downstem.
  4. If you have a bowl with downstem feel free to use it. If not, you can craft one using an empty pen or highlighter and tin foil.
  5. Finally, fill your fruity vessel with enough water to cover the downstem but not spill over. Pack a fat bowl and place in the hole. Use the top of the fruit as a sweet mouthpiece and get ripped! You can add a carb hole further up the fruit or just pull the bowl to get your hit.

How To Make A Soda Bottle Bong?

Soda bottle bongs are the classic way to craft a homemade water pipe. This style of bong works best with 16oz bottles of water or soda. Be sure to completely rinse out any bottle before you use it.

  1. Step one, remove the cap of your soda bottle. You can also remove the label if you desire. This type of bong works with or without water. If using water, fill about a quarter to a half full.
  2. Next, add a mouthpiece hole about 2 inches from the top of the bottle, around where the label ends. Use a needle or a pin. You don’t want a hole that is too large, but you’ll want to work the hole with your poker so that it is larger than a pin prick. Then, use an object like scissors to make it slightly larger.
  3. Next, fashion a bowl with a square of tin foil. Place the square flat on the top and poke your finger into the foil through the opening to form a small dip for a bowl. Use the pin to gently poke a few small holes into the bottom of the bowl.
  4. Finally, add the delicious herb of your choice to the bowl. Light the bowl and use the mouthpiece to inhale. 

How To Make A Snow Bong?

This bong is a chilly good time!

  1. First pack a sturdy bong shape out of snow, featuring chamber and bowl sections. It can be as big as you want. Be sure it is thick enough to hold water.
  2. Use a stick to poke a hole through the middle of the water chamber. Then, use the stick to tunnel a hole that connects through the bowl.
  3. Add a carb hole with the stick near the top of the bong.
  4. Pack the bowl and add cold water to the chamber.
  5. Light the bowl and enjoy!

How To Make A Lego Bong?

how to make a homemade bong

If you’ve got some bricks lying around you can craft a block bong to your exact specifications.

  1. Stack your bricks into a large chimney on a skinny flat board. The base should totally cover the bottom of the chimney.
  2. Make sure your chimney has an open square for the “fireplace”. Once the chimney is complete, build a box around the fireplace with a lid hole big enough to place a bowl in. The box should be slightly bigger than the fireplace opening so no water gets in the bowl. The box should also be completely on the base board.
  3. Pack your bowl and place in the box hole. Fill the chimney halfway with water.
  4. Light the bowl and inhale. Remove the bowl to take in the hit.

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  1. I have made a water homemade bong using some easily available materials and one that requires considerable time and effort to build, but once built, it shall last a long time and the high that it provides is pretty awesome, you can compare it to a factory made bong.

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