Top 44 Cannabis Strain

The Top 44 is a potent indica strain bred for its high yield. It’s perfect for those looking to get some rest since it has relaxing and sedative effects, as well as being an analgesic. Top 44 fron wonderland cannabis is a taste sensation with a lemony candy flavor and sweet fragrance.

Top 44 was named for the number of days it takes to complete the blooming process, which is 44. It’s odd to think of a plant named Top 44 because it sounds strange at first; nevertheless, its name comes from a rather simple cause. It can flower in only 44 days if cultivated in ideal conditions. Get Top 44 strain from weed delivery burlington.

Top 44 was designed for growth in Northern Europe by cannabis breeders. However, it may also be cultivated successfully outside of the United States. Many people claim that Top 44 is the best strain for nighttime usage. Continue reading to learn more about this strain’s effects and characteristics.

What Is the Top 44 Strain?

Homegrown Fantaseeds developed the Top 44 strain, which is a strong indica-dominant hybrid. It’s a cross between Afghan indicas Viking and Skunk #1, both of which are potent.

The most popular strain in the Top 44 isn’t nearly as strong as other strains. That does not, however, imply that its effects are tame. Some users have informed us that if the indica effects set in, you may become disconnected for several hours. This strain has a reputation for couchlock.

Despite its low THC content, Top 44’s cerebral effects may be too powerful for novices.

Top 44’s cerebral effects may be too powerful for novices, despite the fact that it has a modest THC content. On the plus side, after three hours, the high levels down to a manageable level.

Users say that they experience a brief burst of energy and euphoria at first. However, as time passes, the indica effects become more apparent. The majority report being tired and wanting to rest alone.


The Top 44 marijuana strain has a distinct odor that permeates the plant. Its fragrance, according to customers, is distinctive and combines citrus with burnt sugar.


The flavor of Top 44 is comparable to its aroma. Users have reported a skunky flavor with an lemon twist, according to one report. Some smokers likened Top 44 to a lemon drop candy taste, while others said it had a fruity caramel taste. Most importantly, Top 44 provides smoke in an enjoyable manner.


The Top 44 strain is the most popular, however. This plant has huge dark green leaves with massive orange hair-like pistils. It has a thick covering of sparkling crystal trichomes that make it clingy and sticky.

Top 44 Strain Grow Info

When you purchase Top 44 strain seeds, you may be surprised at how simple it is to grow this plant. It’s a popular type among beginning gardeners because to its toughness, resistance, and simplicity of cultivation.

The strain’s name, Top 44, implies that if you can obtain the growing conditions correct, it may bloom in record time. In theory, most experts believe that Top 44 will reach 1 m tall and blossom in 44 days. However, in practice, most people think it takes between 7-8 weeks to bloom.

Top 44 and Sweet Skunk are the most popular contemporary marijuana strains for outdoor cultivation. It is generally ready to harvest by September. Because of its long structure, the side branches of this strain require assistance throughout the flowering period.

There are a few things you can do to increase yield. Investing in a carbon dioxide (CO2) system is one of the greatest methods to enhance it. This equipment allows you to boost the level of CO2 in your grow room. Marijuana uses carbon dioxide during photosynthesis to convert light into carbohydrates.

When CO2 levels are increased, photosynthesis is enhanced, resulting in greater yields. If you choose to go with the higher CO2 conditions, be cautious in your grow room. Humans are susceptible to damage at high CO2 concentrations.

THC Content – Highest Test

The strength of Top 44 cannabis varies significantly depending on the bud you get. The majority of Top 44 has a THC level of between 8 percent and 15 percent. Some, on the other hand, may contain levels as high as 18 to 20 percent THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Only traces of CBD are present in the Top 44.

Medical Benefits of Top 44 Marijuana

The relaxing effects of the ‘Top 44’ strain make it a favorite among medical marijuana patients. Top 44 is effective for nausea, sleeplessness, depression, and chronic pain in some cases.

Given its impact on people, many Top 44 users use this strain to unwind after work. This strain is only suitable for evening usage due to its sedative effects, which are as unavoidable and powerful as they come.

It has also been reported that Top 44 marijuana helps to increase appetite.

Possible Side Effects of Top 44 Weed

Because the Top 44 strain is so powerful, it isn’t suggested for first-timers. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are just a few of the most frequent cannabis negative effects, as well as the common symptoms. Dizziness and anxiety have been reported in patients treated with Top 44.

Final Thoughts on Top 44 Cannabis

Overall, Top 44 is a cannabis strain for experienced consumer looking for stress relief. It has a strong sedative effect that frequently results in couchlock.

Top 44 is a cannabis strain for experienced users in need of calmness.

Medicinal marijuana users choose this strain to help manage insomnia, depression, anxiety, and pain. It is a relatively easy strain to grow, and it’s suitable for first-time growers.

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