Wedding Cake Weed

Unfortunately, the Wedding Cake strain does not have a strong flavor that tastes like a wedding cake. Instead, it’s earthy and sour. Only towards the end do you get a faint hint of sweet sugariness. The Wedding Cake strain is highly potent, with THC concentrations of up to 27%. If you’d like to buy Sour Diesel weed, use our toronto weed delivery to your home.

If you’re attending a wedding as a visitor, the majority of your attention is focused on the celebration that follows. Yes, the initial connection is lovely, but it’s also rather tedious! Depending on who is getting married and who they invite, the after-party might include marijuana in addition to a lot of alcohol.

The Cannabis Wedding Expo in Lafayette took place in January 2018. Its objective was to teach soon-to-be-wed couples how to incorporate cannabis into their wedding festivities – tastefully, of course! We believe the Wedding Cake strain will catch on and be used at a post-wedding celebration.

What Is the Wedding Cake Strain?

Wedding Cake is a strain that combines Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies to create an indica-dominant hybrid (GSC). Some well-known and recognized budsmen, on the other hand, believe it’s a cross between Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. The marijuana was originally cultivated in Southern California. Kind Love, a breeder who specializes in breeding strains for people who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety, subsequently transported it to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Wedding Cake Aroma

When you’ve gotten past the earthy, doughy odor, you’ll be greeted with an alluring, sweet scent. The notes of this strain showed that its backcrossed DNA blended well and maintained the important tart and sugary qualities of its lineage.

Wedding Cake Flavor

The fragrance surprises you since the soil and sour tastes overpower your taste buds. Fortunately, the sweet notes come through after a while. If you want to get the best taste, we recommend utilizing a vaporizer at a low temperature setting.

Wedding Cake Appearance

Trichomes cover the calyxes’ tops and sides. This strain’s pinkish-red and grape hues ensure it has a sugar cookie look. The nuggets are solid and shaped like teardrops. Wedding Cake is known as the “Pink Cookie” because of its color.

Wedding Cake Strain Grow Info

It is difficult to come by Wedding Cake seeds. Because the growers of this strain have not revealed any information on its development, growing it may be a trial-and-error process. A cutting from a female plant is your best bet.

The ‘Wedding Cake’ is a beautiful cultivar with delicate white flowers that blooms in the winter. It’s most happy when grown in soil, and it thrives well indoors.

Set up your fan and exhaust system to allow a little of humidity into the air. The bloom period is said to be between 7 and 9 weeks. The indoor yield is usually around 18-21 ounces per square foot.

If you choose to cultivate it outside, make sure you have a warm, sunny, and somewhat humid climate in which to do so. Once again, use a rich soil as your growing medium. By late September to mid-October, depending on the season and conditions outdoors, your crop should be ready for harvest. Successful outdoor Wedding Cake producers will be rewarded with a bumper yield of 21 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

Wedding Cake is a strong hitter that users of Wedding Cake are well aware of. THC versions with a potency of 27% have been discovered in lab tests! We’ve mentioned before that the THC content of a strain isn’t always representative of how good it tastes.

Wedding Cake, on the other hand, has a potency comparable to its laboratory report predicts; perhaps even more so! We DO NOT suggest this strain if you are a novice marijuana user. It may induce sleep before you realize something is wrong!

CBD Content – Highest Test

Wedding Cake is a strain with limited medicinal application because its THC: CBD ratio is usually below 0.23 percent, and it generally has less than 0.1 percent CBD. As a result, it has a typical THC: CBD ratio of around 250:1, which means it’s often high in the psychoactive cannabinoid cannabinoid (THC). It also contains significant levels of beta-caryophyllene, which produces a similar response to high-CBD strains like Harlequin thanks to its CB2 receptor activation. Wedding Cake is an excellent therapeutic strain due to its CB2 receptor activation via the terpene.

What Are Wedding Cake’s Likely Effects?

Wedding Cake is a very powerful strain, as previously said. As a result, it’s probably not the ideal choice for an after-wedding smoke session unless you intend on leaving shortly thereafter.

Users report seeing everything in ‘high definition,’ and you should certainly feel a mildly psychedelic high! This might be a little frightening for novices, but experienced cannabis users shouldn’t find it too distressing. Fortunately, this strain helps to calm you down and is an excellent choice if you want to feel calm.

Wedding Cake’s effects can make you feel more like a viewer than a participant, even when standing in the midst of a crowd.

Medical Benefits of the Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake is popular among cannabis consumers who use it to alleviate anxiety and depression.

THC levels are so high that they can function as a mood booster and a powerful pain medication.

Wedding Cake is a well-known medical marijuana strain that’s frequently used to alleviate musculoskeletal discomfort such as arthritis, lumbago, and fibromyalgia. The Wedding Cake strain is also utilized to treat the symptoms of neurological diseases including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Possible Side Effects of the Wedding Cake Strain

Although there are some negative side effects associated with using high amounts of THC, this is the case with most high-THC strains. Cottonmouth or red eyes can develop if you utilize too much. It can induce panic attacks or anxiety in people who are prone to these problems in very rare cases.

Final Thoughts on the Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake is a powerful strain that can help with pain, worry, and sadness. It has a high THC content and ‘feels’ like you’ve dabbled with a concentrated solution! Although it is a relaxing toke, it isn’t recommended for beginners or folks with low marijuana tolerance.

Some versions of Wedding Cake have a somewhat higher CBD content and a lower THC concentration. This may help to minimize the occurrence of negative effects. Your mind will be revitalized after usage, and you will undoubtedly begin giggling uncontrollably. Your body will become relaxed, and you’ll be able to fall asleep quickly.

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