Ace of Spades Hybrid

The Ace of Spades Hybrid is without a doubt the “Ace” in a sea of cannabis strains. When Subcool Seeds created this amazing cross, they really outdid themselves.

The exceptional recreational marijuana product Ace of Spades Hybrid can also be used by medicinal cannabis users. The Ace of Spades Hybrid is made up of two distinct strains, Jack the Ripper and Black Cherry Soda, which are both highly regarded by connoisseurs. Users have praised the strain’s euphoric high, which is pleasant and not overpowering. People who consume this flower noted that it has a euphoric high that relieves tension and raises their spirits.

Here’s a rundown of the outstanding features that TGA’s Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain has to offer. Learn about its physical and chemical characteristics, as well as where it came from, how it’s cultivated, and what medical applications it might have.

What is Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain

This strain has a sweet and sour flavor that is fashionable at the moment. It is popular among recreational and medical marijuana consumers. This plant grows quickly and produces a good yield, which endears farmers to it. The buds of these strains are not only attractive to look at, but they’re also quite powerful.

The real deal is this berry-plus-lemon-flavored bud, with hues ranging from blue, purple, pink, and even orange in the buds. The Ace of Spades Hybrid is most popular for evening use since it induces a sense of calm that is typically followed by dizziness after the indica effects have worn off.

The Origin of the Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain

Blackberry is a hybrid strain produced by crossing Jack the Ripper (Sativa) and Black Cherry Soda (Hybrid). TGH Subcool Seeds was responsible for its creation. Its seeds have been cultivated by experienced cannabis farmers all around the world since then.

The THC content of the hybrid strain, Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain, is generally 15%, however it can be as high as 20% in certain plants. The strain was recently analyzed and revealed to have a CBD concentration of 1 percent or less.

Cultivating the Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain

It’s possible to cultivate this herb both inside and outside. Because these plants develop to be such large bushes, you must be cautious about growing them indoors. These crops must be pruned and trimmed on a regular basis in order for them to thrive.

This strain of cannabis has been shown to flourish in certain temperatures and environments. They do best when grown outside in a warm and sunny environment, according to experts. The hybrid prefers a Mediterranean environment, according to experts. The temperature for indoor facilities must fall between 76 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s easiest to begin low-stress training (LST) at the early vegetative stage. Lst is a method for bending and carefully manipulating the plant’s stem to create new nodes. Experienced growers recommend employing the three-finger technique for this approach. The stem is bent over the thumb using the middle and index fingers, after which it must rest for about 24 hours before being subjected to another LST.

The best time to harvest outdoor crops is between late September and early October, when the plants are typically ready for harvesting with an average yield of 19 ounces per plant. Indoor growing lasts nine weeks and generates a yield of 23 ounces per square meter. growers should keep in mind that this strain thrives on a lot of room and produces generously.

The appearance, aroma, and flavor of the Ace of Spades Hybrid

The cannabis plant with large flowers that grow bushy and tall. The buds are heavily frosted in purple, pink, and blue hues based on their genetic makeup. These buds have long, brightly colored pistils, making the plant gleam. The strain has a unique scent with a sweet and sour undercurrent. Earthy, berry, herbal, and citrus aromas come together to make this aroma distinct and easy to identify. The flavor of this strain combines lemony berry notes with herbal notes. When these components are exhaled, they’re easily recognizable.

Effect of the Ace of Spades Hybrid

The after-effect of this strain manifests itself a few minutes after ingestion. It provides a strong high that gradually fades into a pleasant mood. The Ace of Spades is a hybrid with an initial Sativa imitation as a starting point. The user enters into a happy mood, often accompanied by giggling and enhanced creativity. The indica effects begin to show later on, bringing about drowsiness and relaxation in the user. Spasms, pain, tension, and sleeplessness symptoms are alleviated at this stage. It’s commonly used to help people sleep better at night. As previously said, it works best in the evening hours.

Medical Benefits of the Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain

The characteristics of its parent strains have been incorporated into it. The Jack the Ripper strain has at least 2.4 percent tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). Scientific research have shown that this cannabinoid has antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, and antipsychotic effects. This makes the Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain marijuana strain an excellent choice for individuals participating in a medical cannabis program since it contains key medical properties such as antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, and antipsychotic effects.

It’s been used for millennia to treat a variety of ailments including chronic pain, seizures, sleeplessness, and nausea. The plant may aid in the treatment of conditions such as chronic lower back and muscular discomfort, according to researchers. Its relaxing effects might help people suffering from chronic stress and insomnia get some much-needed rest. Its sleep-inducing properties are really useful for assisting people in getting enough rest.

Patients who are depressed or have other mood problems may benefit from this strain, which can help them feel less isolated and more hopeful. It also has a calming effect on people suffering from nausea (a common symptom of several chronic diseases).

Side Effects of Ace of Spades

Anxiety, dizziness, paranoia, cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dehydration are some of the common side effects associated with this strain. The plant’s Sativa parentage is largely responsible for most of the adverse symptoms. It is essential to use the Ace of Spade strain responsibly in order to avoid this sluggish mood.


The Ace of Spades is a one-of-a-kind cannabis strain that may be used for both recreational and medical purposes. If you have stressful days and sleepless nights, keep this one on hand for later use. Despite its name coming from the classic Motorhead song, this strain won’t make you overly stimulated or euphoric.

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