Killer New Haven Cannabis Strain

The Killer New Haven strain is a Kentucky variant that is cloaked in secrecy. What little is known about Killer New Haven is that it’s an indica-dominant hybrid with strong effects. Growers will need to harvest scrapings from a mature female plant since the Killer New Haven seeds are difficult to come by. Find more about Killer New Haven Cannabis Strain at black rabbit.

Killer New Haven is a strain with a puzzling history. It seems that it came from Kentucky, as the name Killer New Haven implies.

It has achieved a level of legendary status among cannabis enthusiasts because to its scarcity. Even if it is only for bragging rights, it is on many smokers’ bucket lists of strains to try.

The strain’s origins are Kentucky’s most well-kept secret, since they are based on the Colonel’s mix of herbs and spices.

Killer New Haven’s history is a mystery, and with the original breeder remaining anonymous, we’ll probably never know. All of this has added to Killer New Haven’s mystique.

You may have heard of this tricky marijuana strain and want to learn more. You’ve come to the correct spot. Throughout this article, we’ll shed as much light on Killer New Haven cannabis as we can.

What Is the Killer New Haven Strain?

The Killer New Haven strain is a rare find, so little is known about it. Because to its lineage of the well-known Herijuana marijuana strain, most people are aware of this hybrid.

The mystique surrounding Killer New Haven has grown alongside Herijuana’s rise in popularity. The difficulty of locating Killer New Haven has just made it more alluring. After all, you always want something you can’t have; and for many people, it has acquired Holy Grail status.

What we do know is that it’s a predominantly indica-dominant hybrid strain. We know it started in Kentucky as an outdoor cultivar. The originator of the breed remains unknown, and seeds are difficult to come by. To cultivate Killer New Haven, you’ll have to rely on clone rather than seed propagation.

The Killer New Haven strain is said to produce a powerful sensation of happiness. Reviewers of the Killer New Haven strain describe how it is uplifting and mood-enhancing.

The high gradually fades as time goes by, and the indica effects of this hybrid become more apparent. According to reviewers, a pleasant sense of calmness builds over time until they are drowsy. They claim that sleep becomes increasingly difficult to resist as their level of relaxation deepens.


The Killer New Haven strain, according to some, has an earthy and citrusy scent. Others describe it as having skunky undertones with delicate pine notes.


Although both of Killer New Haven’s citizens are from Kentucky, the restaurant’s taste is worlds apart from a bucket of greasy KFC. However, its flavor isn’t any less delicious. Consumers of Killer New Haven claim that the flavor is just as nice, if not more so, with earthier tones. The citrus and pepper notes are said to merge into a pleasant piney aftertaste when exhaled.

The two subtle flavor families go well together, providing Killer New Haven a sandalwood fragrance profile.


Killer New Haven strain has frosty trichomes on elongated colas and a rusty orange pistil hair flecked color. The nugs are green with rust-colored hairs on them.

Killer New Haven Strain Grow Info

It’s a lot more difficult than you might think to locate Killer New Haven marijuana seeds. They’re incredibly hard to come by on the internet.

There are a few dispensaries in Kentucky that may provide the seeds. If you see someone selling Killer New Haven seeds, make sure you’re buying from a reliable source.

Your best chance is to look for Killer New Haven clippings in a healthy plant. You may create a genetic “clone” using this. The only suggestion we have is to search in Kentucky. It will be difficult to find another one, since you won’t necessarily find one readily next time round.

This strain is recommended for experienced Killer New Haven farmers because indoor plants tend to produce more hermaphrodites. Please keep in mind that Killer New Haven plants generally grow three times as tall during their development cycle.

Killer New Haven is a indica/sativa hybrid with a short flowering time of 9-10 weeks. It will flower in the middle of October if you are growing it outdoors. Between 8 and 16 ounces are said to be produced by indoor and outdoor cultivations.

THC Content of the Killer New Haven Strain

There are no official laboratory tests for Killer New Haven marijuana because it is so unusual that no such testing has been conducted. As a consequence, we are unable to provide you with an accurate THC percentage to anticipate. We can only evaluate the strain’s effects and make an educated guess because there are no laboratory test results to tell us the actual THC amount.

The THC/CBD content of a strain is not determined by whether it is sativa or indica. However, based on personal experiences and the percentage of THC in its offspring, the Herijuana strain, it seems likely that Killer New Haven has around 25% THC.

CBD Content of the Killer New Haven Strain

The exact proportion of CBD in the strain has not been studied by an official laboratory. Because the Killer New Haven variety is expected to have a THC concentration of around mid-twenties, it is unlikely to include a significant amount of CBD. Typically, high-THC cannabis strains have less than 1% CBD or none at all.

Medical Benefits of the Killer New Haven Strain

The Killer New Haven strain’s intense euphoria, when taken alone or in tandem with other strains, may help patients suffering from mood disorders. This strain’s soothing qualities could be beneficial for relaxation and unwinding.

Several Killer New Haven users claim that this strain can treat a variety of painful problems. Arthritis, chronic pain, and migraines are just a few of the ailments it may help with.

This sedative may be beneficial for those who suffer from sleeplessness since it has a reputation for soothing users.

Possible Side Effects of the Killer New Haven Strain

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the most frequent adverse effects linked with the Killer New Haven strain. Other negative effects are possible, however, as this strain is likely to have a high THC concentration. High-THC strains can cause anxiety and paranoia to rise.

Because of the high THC content, recreational marijuana smokers should avoid this strain and stick to edibles instead. To be on the safe side, novices should restrict their usage to edibles.

Final Thoughts

Finding information about the Killer New Haven strain is just as difficult as finding some of the bud. With it being such a strange cannabis plant, little is known about it.

Hopefully, the following information has shed some light on this strain’s cloud of illegality.

The original Killer New Haven has been crossed to produce a number of additional cannabis strains. The Herijuana strain, also known as Herojuana (Heroine), is one of them. A blend of Freezeland and Killer New Haven phenotypes is another example. You may have an easier time finding these types than you would with the original Killer New Haven. Of course, these strains won’t give you the same high as the original Killer New Haven does, but they may help you appreciate what you’re missing out on. Have you ever tried Killer New Haven? Maybe you’re the legendary breeder who developed it! Please leave a remark below if this is the case.

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