Nordle Marijuana Strain

The Nordle strain, which is produced by the GRINDR company, is a high-CBD low-THC variety that is increasingly popular among medicinal marijuana users. This somewhat indica-leaning hybrid has deep relaxing qualities with an uplifting and mood-enhancing high. The clear headed nature of Nordle’s cerebral effects makes it perfect for daytime use.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Mr. Nice was known by Nordle, a code name for hashish used by Howard Marks, a.k.a. Mr. Nice, in the 1960s and 1970s. Marks is revered as a legend in the cannabis world because of his long-time support of marijuana legalization and collaboration with cannabis breeders at Mr. Nice Seedbank.

Nordle is just one of the many varieties that this well-known seed bank created. Continue reading to learn more about this intriguing strain.

What Is the Nordle Strain?

The Nordle strain is a cross between the Afghani and Skunk No.1 strains, which are both popular. The indica-dominant hybrid has a 60 percent indica: 40 percent sativa ratio. Nordle is an excellent afternoon strain because it relaxes your mind yet does not make you drowsy.

Nordle has a nearly equal indica/sativa ratio that is apparent in the effects. You’ll get the relaxing qualities of an indica and the uplifting effects of a sativa with Nordle.

In the first few hours, Nordle’s mood-boosting sativa effects are most apparent. The majority of Nordle users claim that the high is clear-headed and uplifting. Nordle’s physical impacts become more obvious with time. A sense of deep calm sets in, so many people use Nordle to relax and unwind.


The scent of the Nordle is dank and pungent. It does, however, have sweeter notes that dampen down these more intense scents, making it somewhat more pleasant. Is the taste of the Nordle comparable to its fragrance?


Nordle’s aroma gives an excellent idea of what to expect in terms of flavor. Fortunately, the more pungent skunk smell is not as strongly represented in its flavor. It’s mild and more palatable thanks to sweeter berry notes and a lingering spicy aftertaste.


The Nordle plant grows to a medium height, allowing you to grow it both inside and outside. Depending on how much of your Nordle plants you want to remove, they can develop a shrubby appearance.

The leaves on a Nordle plant are deep forest green at their base, with purple hues towards the surface. The buds have beautiful purple-green coloring. At the base, they’re deep forest green, but towards the top, purple tinges appear. They have a characteristic cone shape. The leaves on a Nordle plant have a mottled purplish sheen to them, much like those on an indica plant.

Nordle Strain Grow Info

Nordle is a strain that beginners may grow with minimal effort. It’s regarded as an easy-to-grow variety that just requires some basic training.

Nordle plants thrive in a Mediterranean-style climate. Nordle plants, on the other hand, may be cultivated both indoors and outside. To produce the greatest yields possible, an hydroponic system is recommended by experienced Nordle growers. For increasing Nordle’s terpene profile, a nutrient-rich soil growing medium is preferable.

Indoor marijuana plants might require 7-9 weeks to reach maturity. Indoor Nordle plants produce a greater yield than those grown outdoors. Within, these plants may develop up to 18-26 ounces per square meter in yield.

Between early and mid-October, outdoor plants should be ready to harvest. A successful outdoor growth can yield up to 26 ounces per plant.

Nordle is a low THC, high CBD strain that Mr. Nice Seedbank developed especially for this purpose. This strain’s maximum THC concentration is roughly 8%. Nordle’s CBD content can vary anywhere between 5 and 10 percent.

Medical Benefits of the Nordle Strain

Nordle is a popular strain among medicinal users since it has a high CBD content but little THC. One of the major advantages of this strain is that its psychoactive effects are typically modest.

For example, Nordle is used to treat pain and spasms. However, the majority of people claim that Nordle’s major health advantage is its deep sedative effects. Nordle’s relaxing impact might assist those who want to de-stress and relax.

Nordle’s early effects may help with depression and anxiety by relieving people’s pains.

The Nordle strain may be beneficial for people who suffer from sleeplessness. While it does not have a strong sedative impact, its powerful body relaxation qualities can assist some individuals to relax and sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Nordle Strain

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the most typical adverse effects that users notice when smoking Nordle.

Users who take too much Nordle may experience anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness as unpleasant side effects. While this strain has a relatively low THC content, you must be cautious not to over-indulge in order to avoid these negative reactions.

Final Thoughts

Nordle is best suited to medicinal rather than recreational consumers since it has a low THC content and a high CBD concentration. Recreational users, on the other hand, will appreciate Norlde’s slightly stimulating and deeply soothing qualities.

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