Head Cheese Cannabis Strain

The Head Cheese strain was created by crossing three distinct marijuana strains. This strain has a cheesy flavor with undertones of spice and fruit. It contains a lot of THC, as well as numerous medicinal purposes such as pain relief, muscular spasms, and inflammation reduction.

The Head Cheese strain appears to be named after a repulsive-sounding meat product rather than a cheese product. It’s a cold cut of European origin that is made from the heads of cow, sheep, calf, or pig animals. The heads used in head cheese may vary, although they’re often the ears, eyes, and brain.

In the Middle Ages, this flesh jelly was used to make stock and was “consumed” by peasants. Head cheese products can be found in numerous areas of North America, including Alberta, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. On the plus side, the Head Cheese strain is much more pleasant than its predecessor and does not require pig’s heads!

What is the Head Cheese Strain?

The Cheese strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing the UK Cheese and 707 Headband strains. This strain’s cuts are more likely to make you really high because they have more qualities from UK Cheese. It was developed by Nevada Group Wellness and has the distinct characteristics of a true hybrid. It was originally available at Las Vegas’ NuWu Marketplace.


The Head Cheese cannabis strain doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its fragrance. You get the sensation of cheese right away, but there’s a lot more going on once you’ve gotten past the savory aroma. There are earthy undertones along with hints of citrus and lemon when you break up the nugs. It might sting your eyes if you’re not careful, and it certainly fills up a big room.


Users describe a creamy cheese taste with a combination of spices and fruit. It’s a beautiful blend of sweet and salty that hits your taste buds right away. The fragrance prepares you for a real treat, and the flavor doesn’t disappoint. You’ll get an intense cheesy flavor on the first breath, but when you exhale, you’ll be surprised by the lemony aftertaste.


This strain’s green buds are quite big and, before you get them in your dispensary, they’re usually broken down into smaller nugs. The bright orange pistils blend well with the emerald green blooms for a stunning hue combination. The buds have a cone-shaped form and are covered in glistening trichomes.

When the time comes to harvest, Head Cheese assumes the shape of a bath full of crystals. Your fingertips will be coated in sticky trichomes when you break apart the nugs with your hands. Your fingers won’t be as sticky as those from many indica strains, though.

Head Cheese Strain Grow Info

If you purchase Head Cheese seeds and attempt to cultivate it, be aware that you’ll need a significant amount of expertise. In other words, we don’t suggest growing this strain if you have little or no knowledge. You may grow Head Cheese indoors or outdoors if you have the appropriate experience.

Those who want to grow this strain outside must do so in a humid environment. Also, make sure the temperature range is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day. If your plants thrive in ideal outdoor conditions, expect harvest by the month of October. It has an excellent crop production rate of up to 24 ounces per plant.

When you grow Head Cheese indoors, it’s crucial to remove the huge fan leaves to guarantee that enough light and air reach the lower branches. Overall, pruning your trees can improve the yield and quality of your harvest. You may help your plant develop even faster by removing superfluous branches and leaves. You allow the plant to redirect its resources away from low-quality buds toward high-quality buds that receive adequate light by removing nonessential branches and leaves.

Consider trimming dead fan leaves, any dying leaves due to a lack of light, low-lying branches that receive little light, and bud sites that aren’t developing as a result of a lack of light. Head Cheese flowers in 9-10 weeks when cultivated indoors and produces up to 20 ounces per square meter planted.

The Strain: Chewing Gum is an extremely potent variety. Even its lowest chop has a THC level of roughly 19%, and the average is around 26%. Some cuts have shown THC levels of 30 percent or more. This strain isn’t known for having a lot of CBD, despite the fact that certain cuts have up to 0.7 percent CBD in them.

What Can I Expect When I Use Head Cheese Weed?

To begin, do not consume Head Cheese if you are a novice marijuana user or if your tolerance is limited. It’s not for the faint of heart with a THC content that can sometimes be as high as 30 percent! Because it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, it isn’t surprising that its initial effects include a lot of cerebral activity.

Users report feeling euphoric almost immediately, and it has been shown to assist with creative thinking in certain situations. The indica side of this strain emerges after the strong sativa effects, characterized by a profound sense of relaxation. It won’t cause you to become immobile on the sofa, but it is somewhat relaxing in its own way.

According to some, Head Cheese has the ability to make you feel as though you’ve taken a swim in a jacuzzi. It’s a great afternoon delight or late-night smoke, but we have to emphasize that it should be handled by experienced cannabis users.

Medical Benefits of Head Cheese Marijuana

Head Cheese is a popular medical marijuana strain for people seeking pain alleviation because of its strong efficacy. It’s been said to be particularly efficient if you suffer from muscular spasms or an extremely inflammatory condition.

It may be used to improve a person’s mood, as is the case with Head Cheese. It might boost your attitude and alleviate anxiety. New marijuana users, on the other hand, should start with a less powerful strain.

Possible Side Effects of Head Cheese Weed

The major issue here is that Head Cheese has tremendous strength. If you are prone to paranoid thoughts or anxiety, this strain may exacerbate them. Furthermore, the intensity of the high could be overbearing for those who are new to it. Headaches, dry eyes, and a dry mouth are some of the most frequent negative effects.

Final Thoughts

Head Cheese is a powerful marijuana strain with high THC levels that works well for those suffering from muscular spasms or severe pain. It’s only for seasoned smokers, and it can be used in the afternoon, evening, or at night. Head Cheese has a strong cerebral high followed by soothing body effects.

In terms of flavor and fragrance, few strains on the market compare to the cheesy, yet sweet taste of Head Cheese. It’s a strain that needs a lot of attention while growing because it requires a lot of maintenance.

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