Purple Cream Weed Strain

The Purple Cream is a popular Indica marijuana strain with soothing, relaxing, and anxiety-reducing effects. There’s no telling who the breeders or parents are. Some people believe that Purple Cream is a mix of Blackwater OG and Green Crack. The average THC concentration ranges from 18% to 24%. This marijuana might be suitable for novices as long as they stay within reason on quantities. Purple Cream is ideal for nighttime or evening use.

It’s time to put on some cream once the sun has set. That is what many ladies do, but males can as well. Anyway, if a few people are grossed out by it, how about this one: Purple Cream? No, this isn’t something you apply to your skin. Instead, smoking Purple Cream transforms you into a joyful infant who wants to sleep.

We do not know anything about the origin of the Purple Cream. Not only is its creator unknown, but also its genetic line belongs to mystery. Only one thing, according on experts, is certain: it derives from a Kush family in Afghanistan and India, as well as Skunk.

Purple Cream Effects

Previously, we spoke about how the Purple Cream makes people feel good. What we haven’t said, however, is how it works and what else is in store for users. Because of its Indica content of 80%, it’s reasonable to infer that it creates bodily changes.

Now that we’ve discussed what it is, let’s look at the THC content of this herb. There does not appear to be a clear agreement on its range. While most people believe it ranges from 10% to 18% (moderate to strong), some claim it may reach as much as 24% (an insane amount). Users should never underestimate the power of this supplement.

A few puffs of Purple Cream give an intense burst of calm. As a consequence, tension and concerns are washed away. Instead, there is a sense of profound happiness that causes people to laugh somewhat too loudly. The effects of Purple Cream are not the same as those produced by Sativa strains’ cerebral high. Where Sativa strains’ head kicks in, the effects of Purple Cream are caused by total mind and body relaxation.

Whether it has a high THC concentration or not, the outcome is the same. Most individuals will soon notice themselves becoming sluggish and unwilling to move. In other words, Purple Cream makes people feel drowsy and frequently puts them in a couch-lock. Its users have been known to fall asleep without realizing it in several cases.

The high usually begins with euphoria and calmness that quickly removes any bad ideas. Subsequently, it transforms into a sense of excellent happiness and sedation, which frequently leads to couch-lock and sleepiness. Purple Cream is notorious for causing hunger, so be prepared.

Purple Cream Fragrance

Purple Cream is one of the more fragrant strains available. It has a sweet flower scent with fruity undertones, which makes it quite pleasant to smell. Given that this strain is intended for use as a stress reliever, its fragrance alone already sets the scene.

Purple Cream Flavors

Mango was chosen for its sweetness, so it’s a great choice for those looking for a little more flavor. Its distinct flavor profile makes it an outstanding addition to smoothies and other desserts. The flavor is very similar to that of guava but with somewhat more earthy tones. It has the same aroma as tangerines and lemons. A few users have mentioned that the smell remains even after eating

Purple Cream Adverse Reaction

The Purple Cream is a difficult strain to use for recreational and medical marijuana users alike. It is because it also includes negative effects, such as dry mouth and eyes. Dry mouth and eyes are common side effects. However, it can make people feel nervous or agitated, which is concerning. It can also bring on headaches or dizziness in some people. It’s also critical to utilize just a tiny amount since this may help guarantee that you don’t overdo it. It can either have a high THC percentage or not, yet it has extremely potent effects that might overwhelm users. As a result, the symptoms of its negative reactions become more apparent.

Purple Cream Medical Uses

Purple Cream has a sedative-like quality to it, giving it an Indica high. Its capacity to relieve stress erases anxiety, as previously said. And, according on the Adverse Reactions section, it can also make people feel paranoid or more anxious. As a result, persons who are struggling with these problems should avoid using this strain.

Another advantage of Purple Cream’s strong sedative qualities is pain relief. Of course, there’s a cost: people can be left on a couch-lock as a result. It may be beneficial to insomniacs since most users fall asleep quickly.

This strain is pretty famous among patients, especially for relieving the following disorders:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pains
  • Insomnia

Purple Cream Growing Info

Purple Cream is a common Indica strain that seldom grows beyond 6 feet outdoors. Growers will need to top it early indoors and keep it short indoors. As a result, it encourages more outward growth. Combining it with the Sea of Green approach should aid in its yield production. It makes no difference whether you use soil or hydroponics as a growing medium. Finding a cutting is usually difficult for most people when growing Purple Cream, regardless of the method used.

There are no available offers for seeds purchase on the Internet. It is relatively easy to grow because it’s not too demanding to soil and climate, but it’s better to install proper ventilation. For heavier yields, it’s recommended to use the Sea Of Green method. The height of the plant usually ranges between 30-60 inches. If growing indoors, the flowering period takes about 8-9 weeks. And if growing outdoors, the proper time to harvest is at the beginning of October.

Purple Cream Flowering Time

Purple Cream begins to flower at the eighth week, when it is ready to advance to the flowering stage. Each square meter of this plant under 600 watts of lighting may yield 10 to 14 ounces of buds coated with resins.Purple Cream, for example, may expect to produce 14 ounces or more of buds under ideal circumstances if given the warmth and some effort. During the first days of October, Purple Cream should enter the blooming stage.

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