Apollo 13 Weed Strain

The Apollo 13 strain is a strong marijuana, and if you’re not careful, it will propel you into another dimension. It has a spacey high with psychedelic side effects and is renowned for its hallucinogenic qualities. Apollo 13 has a very refreshing flavor profile that’s somewhat like tea and hardwood (somewhat reminiscent of tea and hardwood) , as well as uplifting properties.

Apollo 13 is a highly difficult-to-find cannabis strain. It has been one of the most coveted strains since its creation. Apollo 13, a legendary variety developed by Brothers Grimm using two of their own prized strains, Princess 75 and a Jack Herer phenotype, is itself a renowned strain.

Apollo 13 is a sativa-dominant strain. Apollo 13 is also available in both indica and sativa dominant forms, which are known by the same name.

About Apollo 13 Strain

Users will enjoy Apollo 13 because it is a one-of-a-kind strain. This sativa-dominant variety was created by the Brothers Grimm, and you’ll wonder whether gravity still exists after smoking it. It’s said that only 500 of the actual seeds were made from the original plant, so don’t let them go if you get your hands on the genuine ones. The Cannatonic strain is a creativity-boosting hybrid that conveys an uplifting feeling and the sense of energy and euphoria. The long-lasting high in this strain, combined with its slow onset, produces a psychedelic, spacey head high. The herbal flavor leaves a tea aftertaste and a skunky earthy, spicy scent with citrus fruit undertones.

History Of Apollo 13 Strain

Apollo 13 is a reference to the lunar mission in 1970, although not one of its functions… It does, however, leave users spacey on occasion. It’s similar to many Sativa-dominant strains in that it delivers a mental high that encourages creative thinking. The buzzing head high does not typically cause people to become confused. However, once the tolerance threshold has been exceeded, the individuals travel into space as the psychedelic effects begin to manifest themselves.

The plant requires little maintenance and usually blooms in seven to eight weeks, making it ideal for any grower. It can be cultivated both indoors and outside. Breeders have created a variety of Apollo marijuana variants as a result of its flexibility.

Apollo 13 Effects

This strain is best consumed during the day, according to Apollo 13 information on using marijuana. The strain promotes minor aches but isn’t effective against severe agony. It’s also been proven to improve hunger and alleviate nausea.

Apollo 13 is a fantastic way to recharge your batteries at the end of a long day. If you’re burnout from everyday life, this strain will be your safe haven — a hidden weapon for escaping the rat race. It will give you a burst of energy that allows you to stay active and overcome tiredness keeping you down. Soon after consuming it, it will raise your spirits, making you more sociable and optimistic. As a result, this plant is frequently used when spending time with family or friends.

The relaxing qualities of this strain make it an excellent choice for people who suffer from chronic pain. Because to its soothing effect, the drug causes muscles to relax without causing drowsiness. The medicine, on the other hand, provides a boost in energy that will help the user finish his tasks and avoid tiredness and other symptoms.

Take your time and read the instructions for taking Apollo 13 correctly to get the best effect. You will notice sparks of energy and creativity if you take it in the recommended amount.

Similar Strains to Apollo 13

  • Super Glue: Superglue is a functional and soothing mental and physical high, created by crossing Afghani and Northern Light. This plant is developed by Seedism Seeds and has a pine-scented odor with a sweet caramel undertone. Superglue is produced by crossing Afghanis with Northern Lights. Those who enjoy Superglue report that it relaxes them while yet allowing them to be productive or social in the afternoon.
  • Black Dutch: Black Dutch is a cannabis strain developed by crossing Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani. It has been dubbed one of the most potent strains and may be used to treat a range of ailments including glaucoma, nausea, sadness, chronic pain, muscular cramps, and more. The pungent aroma and flavor of Black Dutch come from hot peppers. This plant helps patients get rid of symptoms brought on by sleeplessness such as anxiety.
  •  Jet Fuel: The Sativa/Indica hybrid strain is perfect for boosting energy, as well as states of mind close to being focused and concentrated and relaxed. 303 Seeds developed one of the most renowned Diesel strains by crossing legendary Aspen OG with High Country Diesel. The THC content of this marijuana variety varies from 16% to 20%, while the CBD levels are expected to be less than 1%.
  • White 99: Cinderella 99 and The White are the two parents of 100 percent Sativa-dominant White 99, which is a strain with characteristics of both Cinderella 99 and The White. This delightful, bright aroma strain has inherited a wonderful flavor inheritance of oranges and lemon that is complemented by floral Kush undertones. It smells like citrus fruits, dirt, and pine needles

Apollo 13 Experience

Apollo 13 is not simply a reference to the space shuttle; rather, it’s a potent and cerebral strain that delivers an almost psychedelic encounter. That far-out sensation usually lasts only a few minutes, but it will provide you with feelings of well-being.

Apollo 13 is a powerful daytime strain due to its stimulating qualities. Consumers of Apollo 13 may anticipate to feel euphoria. It’s an amazing strain for those that are sad.

Apollo 13 has a strong, earthy aroma that some people may enjoy. However, for others, its fragrance might be too powerful.

The first sniff of Apollo 13 reveals a pungent, peppery aroma with earthy undertones, but with citrus elements added. It’s not for those who wish to keep their presence secret; it’s up to each person to determine what they like.

Apollo 13 Flavors

Apollo 13 has a rather bland flavor, but it performs somewhat better in terms of tastes. Rather than the earthy smell you would expect, it has a sweet tea-like flavor that would be improved if the smoke were smoother.

Apollo 13 has a pleasant smell that most people enjoy. Its flavors, on the other hand, are excellent. Despite its strong flavor, we must acknowledge that it causes throat discomfort.

Apollo 13 Adverse Reaction

One question about Apollo 13 is whether or not people can handle it. It comes with nuisance reactions, but any negative reaction counts as a complication and should be taken seriously.

A headache is one of the most frequent adverse effects of this medication. Although it occurs to everyone, it should not be taken lightly. It’s critical to remain hydrated to reduce the chance of dehydration. Water replenishes your body with fluids and lowers a variety of health problems such as headaches, dry eyes, and throat irritation. It’s best to take time at first to appreciate the experience because it has similar mental stimulation strains for concentration improvement.

Apollo 13 Medical Uses

It has been noted that Apollo 13 can cause headaches, though most medical marijuana users give it when they are suffering from a headache.For some people, Apollo 13 can cause headaches like the ones it is used to manage.

Apollo 13 is also an excellent remedy for mild pains and aches. Kratom may assist some people in dealing with stress and depression; it also provides energy to users which can help reduce fatigue.

Medical marijuana patients prize this strain for more than just its rarity, as it also has a range of medicinal applications.

  • This strain is said to offer a level of mental stimulation that may be helpful for individuals with ADD/ADHD
  • Some medical marijuana consumers use cannabis for its many known benefits, while experiencing side effects as well.
  • Often used by people who don’t have the energy to sustain a long work day, this strain can give you an extra boost.

Apollo 13 Growing Info

Growing Apollo 13 cannabis is such a delight for many, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of winter or summer. As long as one has the proper equipment, they can grow plants from anywhere – even inside their home’s living room.Some strains of cannabis, like the Apollo 13 strain, grow well outdoors and will require less caring for than other pot plants. As such, it makes a good choice as a starter plant for first-time gardeners.

We do not have complete information on growing, but from the little that we know of, it is not a tall plant. So, we can expect a short plant with thicker stems than usual. It does have beautiful dark green buds with sticky trichrome. 

Flowering Time

 It appears that Apollo 13 can be harvested earlier than most Sativa-dominant strains. The estimated yield per square meter ranges between 12 and 16 ounces, depending on the type of indoor garden. The flowering time is 7 to 8 weeks.

As mentioned, Apollo 13 is a great strain for beginners.They don’t need as much maintenance tends to grow quickly and will be ready by mid-September. One plant can give you 16 ounces or more when harvested.

Who Is Apollo 13 More Suitable For?

Apollo 13 is the strain for you if you’re feeling overwhelmed or worried on a daily basis. Apollo 13 is a (insert type of medication, such as an Rx painkiller). It isn’t intended to relieve chronic or severe pain, but it may assist with migraines, PMS symptoms, and other minor pains.

Apollo 13 is a popular choice for a boost when it comes to getting things done, but it’s also great at parties where people want to be more energetic and have a good time. Users may benefit from the energy of growing Apollo 13, however


There is no evidence that this strain has been used in food or edibles. Most individuals prefer to smoke or vape it as it was intended.

More individuals are taking advantage of Apollo 13’s advantages to alleviate a headache or other minor condition.

This article explores the effects, as well as the origin of these strains. This medication can have beneficial impacts on your mood and physical body if taken correctly and purchased from a legitimate vendor. Stress reduction and consumer motivation to complete daily chores, resulting in a euphoric high that may be missing during hectic work weeks, are among Apollo 13’s benefits.

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