Voodoo Marijuana Strain

Voodoo is a sativa-dominant strain with an insanely dank phenotype of Thai landrace that has a typical THC level of 8-12 percent and a mild profile. The Voodoo cannabis buds are dark olive green in hue with deep purple and gold undertones and have dense, thick spade-shaped nuggets.

The GSC is a gold-haired cannabis strain with a mid-range THC level of around 10% and energy that will get you inspired to start your next project. The nuggets are spade-shaped and golden green in color, with silky sweet trichomes. Voodoo’s flavors are fascinating, perhaps owing to its name, which implies “magic.” The fruit, nuts, and woodsy aromas on the forefront of the tongue complement a spicy vanilla finish. This creeping numbness evolves into a deep sense of sedative couch lock and a full body feeling in the forehead and behind the eyes.

Smoking Voodoo Kush was a religious experience for me. Inhale deeply and imagine yourself going through each step of the process. Remove the nuggets from the package, inspect them, and put them into your grinder. Watch the green gold fall to the bottom as you remove the coarse, pungent pieces with your hands and pack them in a bowl piece. Repeat as desired.

The Voodoo strain is a cross between Thai OG and an unknown landrace. Its pungent fragrance is reminiscent of Thai OG, while its uplifting Sativa qualities are inherited from this lineage. A deep breath after flicking the lighter over the roasted bowl transports your thoughts to another place.

This sativa-dominant strain has a long history, dating back over 20 years. Classic sativa, brought to us by legendary Dutch Passion, has delighted many sativa enthusiasts for two decades. This strain’s tastes include a nice mélange of fruit, nut and pine notes. To round it off, you can expect a faint vanilla aftertaste. It was developed from a Thai Landrace in 1997. For more information on Landrace strains, click here.

The high from this strain is described as fast and overpoweringly heady, with a wave of euphoria and tingles that starts in the head and spreads down through the limbs before warming your core. This wave-like sensation comes and goes throughout the high, pulling you from completely energetic to calm and creative, then back again. Users might expect a full-body sedative near the middle of the experience when it comes down, leaving you unmotivated and couch locked.


It is a sweet, incense-heavy scent that also includes hashy/earthy notes that come through at various strengths.


It is earthy, smoky, pungent, and sweet in its ideal form. It can be mild or potent, depending on the mix of ingredients used to prepare it.

Voodoo Effects 

Users of Voodoo marijuana strains describe the Ghost as an almost immediate head-focused high. It begins there, behind your eyes, and travels throughout your skull, warms up the rest of your brain. Users report feeling a sense of increased creative energy. This gives them the ability to tackle any social engagement or activity that they are about to undertake. You’ll be brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for as long as the high lasts. The height of this head-focused high will soon fade to the rest of your body. That implies that buoyancy will swiftly spread throughout your entire physical body, from your head to the tips of your fingers and toes. Users report feeling much happier and considerably more cheerful. Voodoo has a modest amount of THC, making it ideal for both novices and experienced users. This strain is suitable for daytime as well as late night usage, but not before bedtime.

Voodoo Medical Effects

The Voodoo strain is said to help with anxiety, sadness, and stress. Users claim that this helped them get rid of the worrying attitude that had been plaguing them all day. Users report feeling less anxious than they did before after using this sativa because to its euphoric and uplifting properties.

Voodoo is a West African religion that has been practiced in Haiti for hundreds of years. Its adherents, sometimes called Voudonists, worship a variety of gods and spirits. Voodoo’s healing abilities range from pain alleviation to anorexia treatment and everything in between. Due to the numerous bodily reactions, voodoo can assist with a wide range of ailments. Those who suffer from mood problems like melancholy and tension will benefit from its immediate uplifting effect and long-term boost to their spirit. For pain, migraines, and tension relief, the sedative qualities are ideal.

This sativa-dominant variety has been around for over two decades. Classic sativa has been delighting marijuana enthusiasts for more than 20 years, and it’s still going strong. This strain’s flavors have a nice compelling mix, with fruit, nut, and pine being the most obvious of tastes. To round off this great combination, you can anticipate a hint of vanilla on the finish. Originally created from a Thai Landrace strain in 1997. Click here to learn more about Landrace strains

Voodoo Grow Information

In a favorable setting, these plants will provide you with a lot of flowers. They grow well both indoors and outside, with a high yield under the right circumstances. Voodoo has an indoor flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks and a late September to early October harvest for outdoor growers. Because the plants reach great heights, topping may be useful if you want to keep things quiet.

Voodoo is a very simple plant to cultivate. It’s adaptable to both indoor and outdoor environments. One disadvantage of growing Voodoo plants is that they are susceptible to mold and mildew in humid conditions. As a result, if you want to grow Voodoos indoors, make sure your space is adequately air-conditioned.

Voodoo has an indoor flowering period of 8-9 weeks. Voodoo’s yield is classified as moderate to high in the world of indoor farming. The Voodoo strain thrives best in a warm, sunny Mediterranean environment. Outside, this marijuana strain will be ready for harvesting beginning in early October. Outdoor growers may anticipate a moderate to high return on their investment.

Stoners rejoice! This is a traditionally energetic sativa with some strong indica characteristics that will surely win you over. Enjoy the Voodoo whirlwind and get past any artistic hump you may come across. Then, relax with a movie and a snack as you ride out the comedown under your favorite blanket because you won’t want to move for a bit.

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