Mango Marijuana Cannabis Strain

The Mango Kush marijuana strain is a cross between the legendary Sweet Tooth and an undisclosed indica variety. It’s gotten quite popular in recent years, thanks to its delicious taste. The buds are covered with orange pistils and are said to be dense. The plant grows up to 4-5 feet tall when cultivated indoors or out. Flowering takes 9-11 weeks, and it’s particularly attractive to both indoor and outdoor cultivators. The buds have thick glossy trichomes that become visible when the bud is broken down. The flavor and fragrance are identical, described as mango with banana overtones

About this Indica Strain

Mango has been a favorite with indica users since the 1960s, but it changed after being crossed with KC 33 and producing the Mango strain as we know it. When harvest time comes, this plant produces enormous buds with darker red and violet leaves. The aroma and flavor are similar to that of mangoes, which is why this strain is known as such.

Mango is a descendant of Mondo, which was originally created by breeders at Sensi Seeds. The indica Afghani and the hybrid KC 33 are the parent strains.

The THC concentration is roughly 15-20%. Its high produces indica-typical effects. Relaxation throughout the body’s muscles, a drowsy mentality, and reduction in aches and pains are all typical. It’s best consumed in the evening or at night, and it’s a decent strain for getting rid of insomnia. This plant may be enjoyed by both novices and veterans because to its flavor. Nervousness or dizziness can occur in small doses depending on how much is consumed at one time. Mango flowers for nine to 11 weeks on average, depending on the variety.

Mango, a strain that has been around since the 1960s, is an example of one of OG marijuana strains. The plant we know today was changed back in 1991, when KC33 was crossed with the ancient strain to create this well-balanced 50/50 mix. It took third place in the indica category at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup and was also named one of High Times’ Best Seeds Of 2009 for its winning indica qualities.

Mango has a lot to offer in terms of THC levels, so depending on your preferences, you have a few alternatives. Average content is around 20%, although it’s been measured at 15% and 24 percent. Buds may be quite large; they come in a variety of yellow tones including orange and red. It has an excellent and sweet mango aroma that is complemented with earthy herbal undertones and tastes fantastic. Imagine lemon cream, sour mango, and dirt merging into one delectable flavor!

The Mango Kush strain benefits from having an excellent aroma, flavor, and high that makes you feel energized. This mix is a bit of a sneak attack with just enough euphoria to make you feel calm and happy. As you continue on your trip, you’ll acquire more energy and a positive attitude that allows you to be creative. Many people report feelings of warmth while consuming Mango, with the majority mentioning sensations of tingly warmth. Although many strains can make you hungry, Mango has the tendency to make one ravenous; so stock up on snacks ahead of time!

Lab Data

Mango’s beneficial effects come from the excellent vibrations it sends out. It is an effective solution for those who suffer from stress and sadness since the positive energy it generates is what makes it such a great choice for them. Pain management isn’t beyond its capability, either, as it has the ability to numb the body at times. Mango can also have a rather sedative impact when smoked in larger quantities, making it ideal for sleeplessness.

While you might be weary of the sudden appearance of Mango, it may catch you off guard at first since the plants appear to be doing nothing. Buds gradually expand in size and weight until they reach softball-sized proportions and can become quite heavy for unsupported branches. Expect a high yield after approximately 8 to 11 weeks, and either indoors or outside, as Mango does equally well.

There’s something special about a strain with a long history, and Mango is no exception. You’ll want to keep this one on hand if you enjoy a powerful fruity vibe or need some additional soothing energy. It’s great for smokers who like a powerful fruit taste or need a bit more calming force.

What is the Mango Strain?

The Mango strain of cannabis is a moderately indica-dominant hybrid, and its exact origin has been disputed. It was allegedly created by a hippy in the 1960s, and the strain we utilize today is a cross between the original Mango strain and KC33, which was first tried in 1991.

The Haze strain won third place in the best indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2002 and has experienced a resurgence since 2009, when it was included among the publication’s top seeds of the year. It boasts an exquisite tropical scent and big buds, according to legend.


In the scent department, Mango strain marijuana lives up to its name with a lovely fruity bouquet that mixes mango, citrus, and an earthy aroma that fills a space. All it takes is a single sniff of this variety to capture your attention.


The tropical flavor is enhanced by a creamy lemon taste on the exhale, making it seem as if you’re eating dessert rather than weed. Sweet and sour notes in mango titillate the tongue, and the sour mango aftertaste lingers on the palette and in your mouth. There’s also a little earthy note in there.


The fruit is yellow with green specks; and, when the mango is nearly ripe, you’ll notice enormous buds with red and violet hues on the leaves.

Mango Strain Grow Info

Patience is a virtue when it comes to growing Mango strain seeds. It is a slow starter, but once it gets going, you’ll be able to observe that it grows incredibly quickly! It eventually grows to a respectable height (about one meter) with densely packed flower and buds.

The buds will often grow to the size of a softball, necessitating some additional support for your plants. You may reduce the flowering time for SOG (Sea of Green) indoor gardening by 7-9 weeks if you trim it. To regulate the quick development spurt, prune the crop on a regular basis. If you want to cultivate marijuana indoors, it should produce up to nine ounces per square meter planted.

If you want to harvest more Mango cannabis, grow it outside. In most cases, the strain is ready for harvesting towards the end of September. If you have an outdoor garden and wish your plants to remain at a reasonable height, start indoors growing and cutting the vegetative stage to three weeks before transplanting outdoors. You may put the plants outside as late as July if you reside in the Northern hemisphere.

If you want Mango cannabis to taste fantastic and be powerful, it must be dried and cured appropriately after harvesting. If possible, hang your plants upside down in a room with a Relative Humidity (RH) of 55% to 62%. Allow up to a week for the buds to dry before putting them into glass mason jars. Initially, open each jar for a few minutes once a day. It’s okay only to open the jars once every few days if you leave the weed in the jars for longer. The more time you allow the marijuana to stay in the jars, the more flavorful it becomes.

Mango marijuana contains between 15% and 24% THC depending on the strain.

Even if you obtain an especially potent Mango strain, the CBD content, which may reach 10%, can take away some of the euphoria.

What Can I Expect When I Use Mango Weed?

Mango has a high CBD concentration, which means you won’t be overwhelmed by the mango high. Indeed, it is one of the most pleasant highs imaginable. You should feel calm and collected almost instantly, and you should feel in command of yourself. Users say that they experience an alleviation of all their worries as well as a sense of general “feel-good” euphoria.

If you’ve had a tough day, we recommend using Blueberry Kush because it can lift your spirits while also melting away any rage or anxiety. You may also get a little more energetic, but in general, it is a well-balanced high. Make sure you have some snacks on hand since this marijuana has the munchies potential.

Medical Benefits of Mango Marijuana

Mango is also known as the “Siesta” strain since it was brought to Europe by Spanish explorers. It’s high CBD content ensures that Mango is a well-liked medical marijuana variety. Its relaxing effect makes it popular among patients with chronic stress disorders. Because of its soothing qualities, Mango weed is commonly used to alleviate chronic pain and muscular spasms and joint aches.

Mango marijuana can also help you feel better if you have PTSD or depression. Mango marijuana may be beneficial to sufferers of both brain damage and depression by boosting their mood. We propose utilizing this herb’s sedative qualities in the evening to relax after a long day. If you struggle with sleeplessness, try smoking this weed an hour before bed to see if it helps you get more rest.

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