Best marijuana strains of the 2020

Despite the turmoil surrounding society in 2018, there’s never been more legal cannabis to help you enjoy less-than-ideal circumstances. Pot shops are popping up everywhere and with authorities checking for quality as well as legality, there’s no better time than now to get yourself some bubblers. Weed continues to get stronger, more flavorful, and more legal in 2020 than ever before. And the pace of cannabis innovation is accelerating, said Kevin Jodrey, a cultivation director and owner of Wonderland Nursery in Redway—the center of global cannabis expertise. Although in October tens of millions of pounds from hilly fields with outdoor growth come down from the Emerald Triangle, Santa Barbara, and Oregon, and Washington.

The U.S. produces 29.9 million pounds of marijuana each year, according to New Frontier Data, with leader California producing 13.5 million pounds worth of pot annually, says state agriculture officials. Sixty percent of the crop is harvested each year, starting in the spring and ending in October.

best weed in 2020

Cheetah Piss

As tokers got more stinky options, though, strains smelling (and named) like Cat Piss faded away. But I’ve always appreciated the sour, fume-like complexities of Cat Piss, and viewed it as a way to identify real potheads. Seeing a breeder like Cookies, which is largely responsible for the current Cake and Pie strain at dispensaries embrace those qualities with Cheetah Piss gives me hope that we’ll see more returns to the past.

Don’t expect Cheetah Piss to deliver a high similar to that of its predecessor, though. The strain’s Lemonade, Gelato, and London Poundcake genetics are more apt for relaxation than the racy effects of Cat Piss, a phenotype of Super Silver Haze. However, there are cannabis varieties labeled Cat Piss with Afghani and Trainwreck backgrounds, so it’s not the first time a talented breeder has re-created buds that tinge the nostrils like a new bottle of Sex Panther.


If I don’t get a slice of Watermelon for breakfast, at least I can smoke these marijuana-laced nugs called Trix. The Weed World’s knockoff attempt on my long-lost breakfast favorite—a hybrid of Latino Chemdog D and Colombian Gold from Riot Seeds—succeeds in soothing some cravings while proving that Cookies Strains aren’t the only ones that provide a flavor out-of-this-world.

Trix’s flavors almost smell baked into the weed, as dumb as that sounds, but with biscuity aromas backing up those berry scents, you’ll understand what I mean as your pupils turn into every fruit on the slot machine. The strain’s morning effects are confirmed by an energetic high, as 20% THC potency can create a thin line between feeling semi-high and already stoned. For me, a cup of coffee is usually enough to snap out of it. But as I’ve seen with Trix, there are times when more drastic measures need to be taken.

Citral Flo

Citral Flo smells, looks, and smokes like some of that classic pre-legalization mystery dank — only we know what it is. Citral Flo’s throwback scent and flavor are almost like going back to your hometown hangout. It doesn’t take long to trace the strain back to Flo, Citral, Skunk, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush on the family tree. These genetics combine for a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western Cannabis varieties. Thick, chalky flavors of Hindu Kush; rubbery, gassy hints of Diesel; heavy fumes of Skunk and a twist of citrus cooperate instead of the clash, creating a smell that’s textbook sticky icky.

Smoking a joint of it made me feel like a youngster on his first blunt: My tongue felt like sandpaper, and my sense of time and concentration was disoriented. However, I had found that using a particular strain before late February bike rides or while visiting the mountains would create warming energy without the side effect of overthinking.

Strawberry OG

I couldn’t help but smile as the fragrant smells of tires, strawberries and Altoids sprayed across my face when I took a chance on Strawberry OG, a hybrid of Bruce Banner #3 and SFV OG. Memories of sparking up blunts with strawberry-flavored Swisher Sweets and Phillies popped to mind when I smelled the Strawberry OG strain.

Most strawberry-leaning strains I’ve had were either sickly sweet or balanced with diesel characteristics. If you enjoy the fresh, fruity smell of Strawberry OG marijuana, but have been wanting a more minty, pine boost to it then try our Strawberry Cough strain! Such a fresh and interesting combination was like discovering a new cocktail at happy hour, and I worried the high would play out similarly: fun and fast-paced at first, then spiraling downhill into a headache and $30 Uber Eats delivery before bedtime. But I was pleasantly surprised with the clarity and creativity Strawberry OG left me, even after several heavy doses that melted my limbs. If that’s not the best way to enjoy strawberries in the winter.

Apple Fritter

A cross of Animal Cookies and Sour Apple by Lumpy’s Flowers in northern California, the fruity aroma of Apple Fritter represents a true clash of the titans in the world of cannabis genetics. One strain of weed that might be great for anyone who needs a mental and physical boost is Animal Cookies, whose genetics come from OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies — both tending to induce strong indica effects. In the other corner, you have Sour Apple, created by crossing Cinderella 99 with Sour Diesel which is known for bringing energy to someone’s day.

Some opposites do not get along, but this is one for the record books. The heavy OG and uplifting citrus qualities are seamlessly connected by sweet cheesy notes, providing something more calming than a 50/50 blend while still being capable and alert for the day. Smoking Apple Fritter throughout the day eventually wound me down to a halt, however, and gave me the appetite of a pre-hibernation grizzly bear.

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