Marijuana smell

Cannabis, as we’re well aware, is a flower. One of the primary functions of flowers is to create terpenes, odoriferous chemicals designed by nature to attract pollinators and ward off predators. These pungent compounds can be one of the best and worst parts of enjoying cannabis. The rich smell of fresh, sticky weed can be as intoxicating as the perfume of a long-lost lover.

How to get rid of weed smell in your house after smoking

Unfortunately, weed smell can also be a dead giveaway that alerts others to your preferably private ritual. And while cannabis may be consumed for medicinal and adult-use purposes throughout the country, federal prohibition continues to govern public perception, which can still trend negative. If you want to be mindful of your neighbors or simply want your cannabis habits to stay under the radar, respect and privacy can be preserved with a few handy tricks to mask the smell of cannabis on your person or inside your home.

The classic approach: Sai baba, satya, nag champa, agarbatti incense

marijuana smell

Nag Champa is an incense commonly burnt in ashrams. The scent is neither masculine or feminine and usually contains a mixture of the following ingredients:

  • Champa flower
  • Benzoin resinoid (Styrax tonkinensis)
  • Henna (Lawsonia inermis)
  • Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)
  • Indian sandalwood (Santalum album)
  • Vanilla
  • Honey

The classic aroma was transplanted in the west at the end of the hippie trail and has remained a welcome scent for practitioners of yoga, meditation, and cannabis consumption. This is more than a great way to get rid the smell of weed; the incense smoke can also pull double duty to visually mask the cannabis smoke if it’s still lingering.
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The hippie approach: Patchouli oil

This aromatic oil is a hippie hallmark and doubles as a great way to mask weed smell. Made from the small pink and white flowers of the patchouli plant, this oil is known for its pleasant, lasting scent and supposed antidepressant and aphrodisiac qualities. Certainly makes sense to me: enjoy a doobie, dab some patchouli behind the ears, smell nice, and make love, not war.

The homemaker approach: Febreeze

A household staple for many Americans living with gassy pets and gassier spouses or roommates, Febreeze is a trigger-action odor eliminator. This is not the end-all, be-all of cannabis smell reduction, but for a fresh scent in a pinch, it’s a solid option.

The toilet bowl approach: Matches with the bathroom fan on

One of the sneakier moves to avoid weed smell on the list, the toilet bowl is an act of desperation at its core. You can’t go outside but you can’t consume inside; it’s a risky move no matter how you slice it. But if you must, bring along stick matches (preferably) and flip the switch on the fan. The combusting sulfur and wood smoke of the stick matches should cover a hit or two and the fan should take care of the rest.

The smoke eliminator approach: Ozium

Ozium is a classic smoke eliminator that every cannabis enthusiast can use. It’s an air freshener with a vanilla and lemon-type scent that literally grabs smoke out of the air and punches it into another realm. While it won’t completely mask the scent, it’s a great base for all of the scents you’re about to throw into the atmosphere.

What It Smells Like in the Bag

Marijuana will smell differently depending on the strain. In general, marijuana in the bag will have a combination of a few scents, such as woody, earthy, musky, citrus, skunk, floral, and/or pine notes with one smell tending to dominate. Often times, marijuana is stored in small airtight containers that dampen the smell significantly. Stinkier marijuana strains include Cat Piss, Space Queen, and Super Skunk. Space Queen is said to smell similar to spoiled dairy, while Cat Piss and Super Skunk are aptly named for their stinkiness.

marijuana smell

What the Plant Smells Like

The marijuana plant will vary in scent depending on how mature the plant is. Immature plants tend to smell less, and if stored appropriately, a scent may not even be detectable. More mature plants will have a stronger odor. The plant can smell earthy, floral, or woody and have notes of pine and skunk, depending on the strain. The weather can also influence scent with heat intensifying the odor, so you may notice the smell more on hot days.

What It Smells Like when Smoked

During the smoking process, marijuana will smell like the dominant notes in the strain. However, smoking adds some other layers to the odor, including the scents of fire, smoke, and a stronger skunk smell. Some strains have fruity scents, while others tend to be more earthy, musky, and herbaceous. The smell can be strong enough to stink up a room or even an entire house, depending on how much was smoked. If someone is smoking in a car, the scent can penetrate the upholstery and can be difficult to cover or get rid of.

Identifying the Smell

Just like anything, some people find the smell pleasant, while others cannot stand the scent that accompanies marijuana. Chances are if you’re smelling something vaguely reminiscent of a skunk mixed with herbs, floral, or citrus notes and without the telltale skunk smell of sulfur, it’s probably marijuana.

6 thoughts on “Marijuana smell”

  1. High there. How to get rid of the lasting weed smell? I mean about that smelly smell that… Smells. The smell that stays in my room (sometimes I smoke there but always open the Windows turn on the fan and spray them febreeze) that is very weak but detectable and lasts way longer. How can I get rid of it without looking suspicious lol

    1. Vacuum more regularly, keep windows open as often as possible… I find that fresh air circulation is the cheapest and most effective. I am saying this as someone that lives in a mild climate though!

      1. Wilisha Scaife

        I also blow smoke out my window as much as possible. I use a draft guard under my door to keep the smell confined to my room. I keep a good quality reed diffuser(using Lafco right now, I think) in my room at all times. I burn the occasional candle and my room only really smells for about an hour after I smoke. Lastly leave your window open for an hour or two each day to get some air circulation.

    2. A lot of people drop by and I’m happier if not everyone knows my business. I’ve got thick carpets and big fabric sofas (just switched from leather) so there are a lot of places for smells to linger. I don’t really bother to smoke outside either. Every time a non-smoking friend comes round I pounce on them like “does my place smell like weed? Like smoke? Like weed smoke? TELL ME!”. The answer is almost always no. Here’s what I do.
      Even in winter my windows are always open. It needs to be two windows (or top and bottom if you’ve got old Victorian windows) for airflow. I think most places that smell weird are just missing fresh air and sunlight. I empty and clean my ashtrays often, more or less after each zoot. I hoover every other day, floor and couch. I do it because I’ve got white carpet and a cat whose hair shows on everything, but I think it helps. Also I chuck a tissue with some fragrance oil on (doesn’t have to be essential oil) into the vacuum so the air coming out of it smells nice and not dusty. I also have a steam cleaner so everything including upholstery gets cleaned with that every couple of months.
      I use a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol and a few drops of fragrance oil that I spray onto upholstery. I’ve got some hippyish tendencies so I prefer it to Febreeze. I think it probably works better too because the alcohol destroys whatever is causing the smell.
      I use essential oil vaporisers, diffusers,scented candles and nice incense, and I always keep my weed double-jarred. The muji vapouriser wouldn’t look conspicuous, it’s got a little led light and I’ve seen it at plenty of fancy peoples’ dinner parties. Also houseplants clean the air so you should get a few anyway.
      I know this seems long, and I’m not suggesting you should recreate it exactly. It’s basically just my cleaning chores, but the effect it has on smells settling in my house is to destroy them completely, so give a couple a go.

    3. Cleaning the room would help too. The smell could be trapped in all the fabrics, like the carpet and your sheets/blankets.

    4. 3 tips:
      1. Essential oil diffuser, this is best used in place of air fresheners, and doesn’t contain a bunch of unnecessary chemicals and each bottle of essential oils lasts a very long time.
      2. Window fan on when smoking. It is best to have an exhaust going directly outside so the smoke never even has a chance to settle.
      3. I see a lot of cali folk doing this thing, where they take a giant box fan, and tape an home a/c filter right on the back. This essentially turns your box fan into a giant air purifier and the air filter will catch all of the smoke. Haven’t tried myself but supposedly works wonders

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