Marijuana trimming tools

Growing marijuana requires patience. From the time the seeds are planted until the buds are harvested, more than patience, you need to have the right tools. When it is time to cut the weed, you must use only the best bud trimming scissors. Otherwise, there is a risk of contaminating the plant while also negatively affecting the overall quality of the cannabis.
What are the best trimming scissors for marijuana? If you are itching to find out, read on and we will extend a helping hand. We will look at some of the top options that are available on the market, as well as some of the reasons why they are exceptional.


Growing cannabis from seeds or clones, until they mature and develop cloves, involves a lot of work. You tend to spend plenty of resources to ensure that you achieve an abundant harvest. But what happens afterward? The work never stops at harvesting. There is even more work that you need to do before you can package the marijuana and introduce it into the market. One crucial step that you should perform carefully is bud trimming.

marijuana trimming tools

Necessary Things you should know about a Bud Trimmer

When choosing a cannabis trimmer, you need to familiarize yourself with the two modes of trimming; wet and dry.

Wet trimming is the most preferred method and happens immediately after harvesting, right when the leaves are still alive on the vine. It is easier to remove the sugar leaves since they extend outwards due to their high moisture content. Wet trimming ensures that the plant dries even faster.

Dry trimming happens when the plants have lost some of their moisture. It happens when you leave the plants in an environment that has a controlled temperature, humidity, and light for close to two weeks. The buds will, therefore, lose their moisture slowly. When the buds dry at a rapid rate, the outside appears to be bone dry while the inside becomes dank and unaired.

marijuana trimming tools

When choosing between the two trimming methods, personal preference wins. Some cannabis growers appreciate both ways and consider them all before selecting a trimmer that works for them. Here is a guide that you can use to help you make a logical decision about which trimmer to use.

Why Should You Trim?

Trimming the buds of cannabis is a crucial step. Not only does it make the buds look good, but it compacts them and makes them have a uniform appearance. It also helps to raise the levels of THC in marijuana. The leaves of the plant are sugary and contain fewer THC levels. They, therefore, affect the overall quality of the cannabis. It is essential to get rid of the leaves and improve cannabis quality.

marijuana trimming tools

It is also convenient to smoke trimmed marijuana since the leaves make the smoking experience harsh. It is therefore vital to have a good bud trimmer.

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Traditional Method: How to trim marijuana with hand

Just as it sounds, hand trimming involves removing the defective part of the plant using your hands. It is a traditional method where professionals would use blades to get rid of the leaves and any other component that would degrade the quality of the cannabis plant. With the introduction of modern trimmers, not many people practice this method.

Other equipment for trimming

If you think for trimming a great or a beast bud trimmer is enough, then mate you are wrong. No matter which trimming machine you are using you still needs some important things. If you want to know about those things, then read below.

Gloves: No matter which bud trimmer you are using, you have to use gloves. A pair of gloves can protect your skin from gum (resin), and it will also protect your buds.

Cookie Sheet: For drying you need a place to lay your marijuana out. That’s why so many people are using Cookie Sheet. It will help your cannabis for drying.

Mesh Rack: Some people like to hang their harvest up for drying. For them, Mesh Rack is a good choice.

Trimming Scissor:  For hand trimming, scissor is a very important tool. If you want to trim a low-amount of marijuana, then you need it badly.

Trimming Clippers: For hand trimming, clipper has the same importance as trimming scissor has. It’s a very important tool indeed. It’s a beneficial tool for trimming and shaping a plant.

Best Bud Trimmer Machine  Reviews

These are trimmers that do not depend on any power to function. Instead, you use your effort to operate them. They often work through the use of a crank, giving you full control of the process.

IPower GLTRIMBOW19L 19-Inch Bowl Trimmer

Ipower is a well-known brand that manufactures grow light systems for gardeners all over the world. The company also develops a range of garden tools and equipment that gardeners can use or their indoor plants. The ipower 19-inch bowl leaf trimmer has a plastic top that is clear to provide the user with better visibility. It comes with a removable handle that improves the overall storage convenience. The machine has the power of 30 scissors whose blades are super sharp to make sure that they do not damage your buds. It is perfect for use in a personal garden setting as well as a small to medium scale cannabis business. You can use the trimmer to cut twigs, get rid of leaves, and help preserve your cannabis buds. The bowl trimmer is essential in the making of aromatherapy oils, potpourris, and hash oils. The bowl trimmer can fit on your countertop without taking much space. Since it has a crank, it is not efficient for use when you are growing many plants. If you are a large scale cannabis grower, there are other brands that you can choose to work with.

Growtent 16 Inch Garden Bowl Trimmer

If you are looking for a fantastic medium-sized bowl trimmer, the Growtent 16-inch garden bowl trimmer is just what you need to acquire. The trimmer features a wire blade, razor blade and a serrated blade that work together to enhance the workings of the machine. One unit works with the power of 30 scissors to trim down trigs and remove leaves from your plants. The cutting blade is made up of a superior quality metal gear. The bowl of the machine is made up of steel, making it sturdy and durable. One of the reasons why many growers appreciate the Growtent trimmer is its highly adjustable blade.

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