Is weed a flower or a leaf

“Weed” has been used as early as the pre-Reefer Madness days of 1929, when American Speech, the academic journal dedicated to the English language, included “weed” in its “Among the New Words” section as a term meaning “marijuana cigarette.” Additionally, “weed” was used for the first time without the word “the” in front in the 1949 Raymond Chandler novel The Little Sister, with the novelist writing, “They were looking for … a suitcase full of weed.”

So, what about the plant thing? Well, cannabis is a plant. All buds derive from a plant and therefore, all cannabis is from a plant. So, when you consume cannabis, you will always be consuming a type of plant.

Now that we have weed and plants covered, let’s move on to the definition of a flower. A flower is the seed-bearing part of the plant that blooms, and when it comes to cannabis, a flower refers to the weed you purchase in a dispensary that you would bring home to consume. Flower is another word for bud, or the green goodness you smoke. That bud is harvested from a female cannabis plant.

is weed a flower or a leaf

While all cannabis is a plant, not all cannabis is bud. Different parts of a cannabis plant are used for different purposes. For instance, fan leaves can be great for making drinkables (including juices) and different types of #edibles, while stems can be used for hemp textiles and to make cannabutter.

Although you might have been led to believe that cannabis leaves can be smoked, that’s not strictly true. The bud — i.e., what you typically smoke — is found in between leaves on a female cannabis plant.

There are two main stages a cannabis plant goes through. The first stage, pre-vegetation, doesn’t reveal the plant’s gender. This stage is all about growing and developing, similar to a human child’s development. About six weeks after cannabis is initially planted, the flowering stage begins, in which the plant’s gender is determined and becomes apparent.

Male cannabis plants don’t have buds on them at all. Only feminized mother plants produce bud; they’re the real moneymakers for cannabis growers.

Sometimes, there are cannabis plants that are intersex, or 50 percent female and 50 percent male. However, with plants of both genders, half the seeds (which will be masculine) are unusable. Fortunately, you can purchase feminized seeds, so you can avoid the problem of male plants that you end up having to destroy.

Is marijuana a flower?

f we want to have an absolute answer then we need to have a look at the anatomy and somewhat history of this plant. Having said that some people say that it is a plant so when we classify it as a plant, it consists of tissues, roots, stems, leaves and flowers. Every part of a plant plays its role in the development.

By looking at the anatomy of the marijuana we can say that it is a plant. This plant has been serving people for a long time.

Tissues are one of the important parts of any plant, not just Marijuana. It consists of cells, which doubles by the process and helps the plant in expanding and growing. If the plant has been in a good, healthy climate there are more chances that the plant will grow perfect and be fresh and lively. Marijuana plants are not likely to be seen on the ground. They are rooted deep in the ground. All we can see is the half of the plant. Its roots grow as fast as the plant and the roots try to find place underground. This is why the roots expand and can be considered equal to the plant of marijuana. If the plant of marijuana is in a fertile soil the roots will help in taking up the water, it will also help the plant in surviving as long as possible. Other than this, stems and leaves are as important as other parts of this plant. However, one of the major parts of this plant are the flowers. Without flowers there cannot be any reproduction system. Absence of the flower may lead to a system where there is no reproduction as flowers are the actual organs of reproduction. This was the anatomy of the marijuana plant.

is weed a flower or a leaf

By looking at the anatomy of the marijuana we can say that it is a plant. This plant has been serving people for a long time. It has been decades when people started using it to cure people from the fatal diseases. It has also been used in many religions and is also mentioned by many religions. In addition to this, marijuana has also been used in the industries like fiber and clothing. Hemp is another name of marijuana, which is used in making oil known as hemp oil and milk known as hemp milk. The plant is also used in brewed tea. It can be vaporized and used for recreational purposes as well. 

The cannabis plant is comprised of several structures, many of which we can find on any ordinary flowering species. Cannabis grows on long skinny stems with its large, iconic fan leaves extending out from areas called nodes. Cannabis really starts to stand out in her flowers where unique and intricate formations occur.


cola refers to a cluster of buds that grow tightly together. While smaller colas occur along the budding sites of lower branches, the main cola (sometimes called the apical bud) forms at the very top of the plant.

Stigma and pistil

The pistil contains the reproductive parts of a flower, and the vibrant, hairlike strands of the pistil are called stigmas. Stigmas serve to collect pollen from males. The stigmas of the pistil begin with a white coloration and progressively darken to yellow, orange, red, and brown over the course of the plant’s maturation. They play an important role in reproduction, but stigmas bring very little to the flower’s potency and taste.

Bract and calyx

bract is what encapsulates the female’s reproductive parts. They appear as green tear-shaped “leaves,” and are heavily covered in resin glands which produce the highest concentration of cannabinoids of all plant parts. Enclosed by these bracts and imperceptible to the naked eye, the calyx refers to a translucent layer over the ovule at a flower’s base.


Despite their minute size, it’s hard to miss the blanket of crystal resin on a cannabis bud. This resin (or “kief” when dry) is secreted through translucent, mushroom-shaped glands on the leaves, stems, and calyxes. Trichomes were originally developed to protect the plant against predators and the elements. These clear bulbous globes ooze aromatic oils called terpenes as well as therapeutic cannabinoids like THC and CBD. The basis of hash production depends on these trichomes and their potent sugar-like resin.

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  1. Cannabis sativa is a flowering plant in the Hemp Family (Cannabaceae), along with Hops. As Rosales, they are fairly closely related to the mulberry, nettle, and buckthorne Families. Hemp is related to apples, almonds, apricots, and roses.
    The term “Cannabis” is colloquially used to refer to the plant’s flowering buds and products made from them. In that sense, cannabis is a plant product, like an apple or apple juice.

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