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Everything you need to know about the KandyPens Oura

Launched in July 2019, the KandyPens Oura has become a favorite among the e-rig community and has received various awards. The first thing that catches the eye is the design — it’s slightly futuristic and whimsical while remaining sophisticated and easy to use. One of the key features of the Oura is a lifetime warranty on all parts, making it a safe investment for dabbing newcomers. Dabbing veterans will appreciate the sky-high temperature range, and features like the exclusive colors and portability make it a well-rounded and user-friendly device.

With this product, electronic dab rigs are taken to new stylish heights while prioritizing customer comfort all at once. Here’s everything you need to know about the KandyPens Oura.

What is the KandyPens Oura?

kandypens oura

The KandyPens Oura is an easy-to-use electronic dab rig. It comes with all of the parts and pieces needed to be functional right away and comes packed in a compact and secure box. One noticeable difference from some of the other e-rigs available at similar price points is that items like the ceramic cup inserts and the glass carb cap are included, rather than being offered as extras. 

Here is a complete list of what’s included in the Oura package:

  • Electronic base
  • Charging cable & USB-C charging adaptor 
  • Glass bubbler top
  • Quick start instruction guide 
  • Atomizer
  • Crystal and ceramic cup inserts
  • Carb cap and tether 
  • Sample of alcohol filled cotton swabs for cleaning 
  • Accessory bag 

How does it work?

The operations are straightforward and simple. Set up is easy, with the parts fitting together intuitively — only a bit of attention needs to be given to matching up the intake hold of the bubbler top to the out-flow hole of the base. The atomizer screws into the base, adding an extra layer of stability.

The main operations are done through the touch sensor button, which is unique; where most other e-rigs have press-in buttons, the main button for the Oura is a touch-sensor, so no need to press, just light tapping it is enough to activate. Tapping five times turns the unit on and off, tapping three times changes the temperature pre-set, and tapping twice activates the heat cycle. It takes about ten seconds to heat up and stays hot for around one minute. 

The KandyPens Oura comes with four temperature presets and they are notably higher than many other e-rig presets or temperature ranges. Each preset is color-coordinated, and the light ring on the base illuminates with the color to indicate which temperature is activated. 

Temperatures settings:

  • Yellow: 490°F
  • Green: 590°F
  • Red: 750°F
  • Blue: 800°F

Charging is simple and fast, it takes about one hour to fully charge with the cable and power adapter, which can also be plugged in while the unit is in use for uninterrupted dabbing. 

Vape in style

kandypens oura

It’s always nice when a go-to device looks good on the shelf or coffee table. The Oura looks and feels like a device from the future in the best possible way. Customers can choose from a range of nine colors: black, smoky white, lavender, turquoise, salmon pink, lime green, “kandy” apple red, and an iridescent rainbow hue called the “Oura Odyssey.” 

The glass attachment has bubble-like curves and is just the right size to be a cute but powerful accessory, and there’s also a sleeve available for the base, which is non-slip in a smooth matte finish. The matching toggle for the glass carb cap lends a high-quality feel to the functional design. 

How to clean the Oura

Cleaning the insert cups after each session is recommended, otherwise, it can quickly accumulate into a sticky mess. 

The best way to clean the Oura is to let it heat up on the highest temperature setting for one cycle, and then let it cool down enough to handle safely. Then, using a cotton swab and alcohol, clean out any residue from the insert cup. If there is a sticky buildup, you can remove the insert and soak it in alcohol for an hour and then spot clean any residue. 

Pro tip: don’t overfill the chamber, it can spill out of the insert cup and create a sticky residue on the atomizer, which will then have to be soaked in alcohol and cleaned separately. 

Is the KandyPens Oura vaporizer worth it? 

The KandyPens Oura offers sky-high temperature settings for dabbing and is an eye candy specialty piece fit for front and center display — the style doesn’t compromise function. And a lifetime warranty on all pieces is a huge deal, ensuring that this e-rig is built to last for the long haul. Because of the high temperatures it offers, it’s ideally suited to those that are looking for power and extraction from their dabs, rather than low-temp flavor chasers. It can be a little harsh, but for those who want to vape at those temperatures, the Oura offers some of the highest temperatures available. 

The company has a good reputation with consumers and is also committed to supporting the industry from within. KandyPens was proud to donate to The Last Prisoner Project last summer. 

At $300 the price tag is not the lowest or the highest on the market when compared to similar devices, but with the warranty, it’s a modest price for a stylish and functional device that is designed to last a lifetime. 

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