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The AirVape X is a mid-tier weed vape that features a ceramic oven and mouthpiece, precise temp control, and an informative LED display. It offers a decent-level of discretion and portability while providing good tasting vapor. There are also useful accessories (silicone mouth tip & X Shell), which provides great value for its size. All in all, this is an excellent $140 travel vape, but if vapor quality is your no.1 priority, there are bigger and better vapes out there.


AirVape has been a rising star in the dry herb vaping industry with budget options such as the XS Go (Review | Buy) or high-end options such as the all-new AirVape Legacy.

The original AirVape dry herb vaporizer was released in 2017 and had been one of the highly recommended compact dry herb vapes on the market. The X by AirVape was released a year later and retained the same thin and simple design while improving the overall performance.

The X has a 25% larger heating chamber and a ceramic mouthpiece rather than glass, which allows it to produce more refined vapor. The mouthpiece has been reworked and equipped with magnetic connections to fit pretty snugly and easy to remove when loading herbs into the oven. It’s a straightforward vaporizer that can cater to the needs of beginners and intermediate users, which retails from AirVape (Visit Store) for $140.

Kit & Accessories

The AirVape X comes in a simple and small package. It includes the following:

airvape x review
  • AirVape X
  • Dab & Cleaning Tools
  • Replacement Filter Screens
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Concentrate Pad – The concentrate pad is used for vaping concentrates. However, I don’t recommend it since the wax won’t be vaped efficiently, and it’ll get sticky and messy to clean. If you want to vape extracts, stick to your vape pen.
  • X Shell – This gives the vape full-body protection that increases durability as well as portability. The X shell easily slips onto the X and maintains its slim profile while providing extra impact and splash protection.

The kit includes, clockwise from bottom: Cleaning brush, loading tool, AirVape X package, AirVape X, loading tool, USB charging cable, concentrate pad and extra screens.

Optional Accessories

Various accessories are available on AirVape (Visit Store) that can potentially make your vaping experience better:

  • Water Bubbler – The water bubbler set allows you to use water filtration to cool down the vapor. That feature is mainly for hardcore vapers since it kills one of the X’s most vital features, which is—portability.
  • Water Pipe Adapter – This allows the X to fit with any traditional water pipe. This is for both beginners and hardcore vapers who want to use a traditional bong without using a torch.
  • Power Bank & Charging Dock – Since the battery life of the AirVape X is relatively short, there are several different kinds of chargers available to keep it juiced up. 

Design & Features

The AirVape X is the slimmest dry herb vape I’ve encountered so far- it’s as narrow as an android phone, and it gets a little wider on top, which is where the herb chamber is located. The X’s overall slimness means that it’s pretty light, making it easier to carry around. Even though it’s lightweight, it feels pretty solid since the device has a stainless steel construction. 

The X stands at four inches tall and has a rectangular-shaped body with rounded edges. It has a LED screen in front paired with a power button and temperature dial underneath it. Overall, the X has a straightforward design that offers a high level of portability.


The X features a ceramic mouthpiece with a thin tip that fits comfortably on my lips. The mouthpiece is magnetically connected and will take a respectable amount of force to remove the mouthpiece. That means, compared to the AirVape Xs Go, it won’t come off accidentally, especially in your pocket.

However, the drawback here is it gets hot to use when I’m doing back-to-back sessions. Thanks to the included silicone tip cover, it makes it bearable to take a rip, though the vapor might get warm and intense.

Heating Chamber

airvape x review

The AirVape X has an oval-shaped heating chamber with smooth edges on top, which allows for quick loading since you can scoop the herb and start your session. It’s made from ceramic and can fit up to 0.25g of dry herb and features a ceramic plate beneath it that sandwiches the herbs to heat them from top to bottom. It also has a compartment that accumulates hot air, which helped with vaping the herb efficiently.

How To Use

The AirVape X is a plug-and-play device, and beginners will have zero problems using this vaporizer. Make sure to fully charge the device before using it for the first time. To use it, you need to: 

  1. (Recommended) I suggest you grind your herbs with a fine-quality grinder like SLX Grinder V.25 to increase the surface area and cause your herb to ‘burn’ evenly.
  2. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece to expose the herb chamber.
  3. Load the herb chamber and then replace the mouthpiece.
  4. Press the power button three times to turn on the device.
  5. Select the temperature using the up and down buttons.
  6. Once the device vibrates, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Temperature Setting: You can precisely set your temperature in single-degree increments from 200-428°F.

°F | °C Toggle: Press the Power button and down button to toggle from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Auto Shut-Off Feature: You can toggle the automatic shut-off feature from three minutes to five minutes by pressing the power button and up button simultaneously.

Haptic Feedback: The device vibrates when the heating process is done.

Performance & Vapor Quality

I got the best result on vaping at around 350-390°F, anything below this range and the flavor isn’t as strong, anything higher, and the vapor gets intense. For a more satisfying experience, I recommend to finish off your session at 390°F since you’ll get the right intensity and flavor of the vapor.

Considering its size, the vapor produced by the X is quite flavorful but can’t match the vapor quality made by high-end weed vapes this 2020. The ceramic chamber and mouthpiece work in unison to keep the vapor pure and tasty. The mouthpiece also does a solid job of keeping the vapor cool despite the short airpath, though it may get a little hot, especially on higher temp settings.

However, as I’ve mentioned before, the temperature never gets high enough to vape any wax concentrates properly. Even though the X is listed as a dual-use vaporizer, its concentrate performance is practically an afterthought. So please, use an actual wax vape for your concentrates.

Battery Performance: The X has a 1300 mAh battery that could last for an hour of casual vaping. It uses a micro-USB charger and takes about eighty-minute to charge. The thing here is the battery life is quite low for a mid-tier vape, but hey—you can use the X while it’s plugged in since it supports pass-through charging.

Bottom Line

In my opinion, the X is still a viable choice for vapers who are seeking a durable vape that offers a high level of discretion and portability. It has a slim and intuitive design that features precise temp control & a ceramic vapor path, which allows it to produce good quality vapor. 

However, the X doesn’t last long compared to most mid-tier weed vapes in terms of battery life and could be cumbersome to carry a power bank to keep it juiced up. It also has a short vapor path to enable the vapor to cool more. So if you’re looking for a weed vape that packs a lot of power and capable of keeping the vapor cool for your hard-hitting sessions, the Crafty+ | Mighty.

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  1. Any way to change the language on this vape ? I just got this a few days ago where it says goodbye is in some other language not a big deal just kind of weird..

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