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E-nail Definition & Information

Short for electronic nail, an e-nail is a quartz, ceramic, or titanium surface with temperature controls. E-nails are used in conjunction with a dab rig, an apparatus used for dabbing.

An e-nail or electronic nail is the latest invention in concentrate and dabbing communities. Specifically, E-nails are digitally controlled heating devices that allow the user to keep a consistent heat setting so as to always get the best tasting and potent hit. Compared to the typical hand torch, which often delivers varying results, this tool takes dabbing to the next level.

An e-nail dab is a dab taken with the help of an e-nail.

An e-nail is an “electronic nail” used for heating and inhaling high-THC cannabis extracts, or dabs. Instead of using an open flame to heat up a nail (a piece on a dab rig where cannabis concentrates are vaporized), e-nails electronically heat concentrates, allowing dabbers to select and maintain a desired temperature, leading to safer, more consistent dabs.

“I keep my e-nail set to 475 degrees because I like low-temp dabs.”

“We’ve been using that e-nail all day, where’d you get it?”

Frequently asked questions

What is an e-nail?

e nail

An e-nail is a dabbing device connected to a controller box that delivers heat to the nail. The controller box allows the user to regulate the temperature of the e-nail with the touch of a button or turn of a dial. Regular, non-electronic, nails are heated with a handheld torch, which can result in inconsistent dabbing results. Temperature regulation provides a more balanced and consistent smoking experience. 

An e-nail is a piece of specialty smoking equipment for dabbers consuming high-THC cannabis concentrates. Electronic nails replace open flames as the source of heat for dabbing cannabis oil.

Typically, a nail, which is an attachment on a dab rig, is heated with a torch until it’s red hot, and cannabis extracts are places in a nail. Instead, and e- nail is an attachment placed either directly on the dab rig or on a nail, which heats up electronically to dab concentrates. E-nails can plug into the wall or have a battery.

How do you use an e-nail?

Like any new nail, you’ll want to properly season a new e-nail first to get rid of any residual dirt or chemicals left over from the manufacturing process. You don’t want to breathe any chemicals or ruin your first dabs with a metallic taste. Then just set the rig to the optimum temp for your chosen concentrate and dab away. 

What is a good e-nail temp?

The best temperature will vary depending on the cannabis concentrate and effects you’re trying to achieve. Unlike traditional handheld butane torches and nails, the e-nail maintains a constant temperature and does not cool down after use. 

Sometimes called e-rigs, e-nails can reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (538 degrees Celsius) in a matter of seconds. One of the advantages of precise temperature control is the ability to dial in the right number for exactly the compound in which you’re most interested. 

For example, the terpene limonene, with its citrus smell and reported energizing properties, vaporizes at 348 degrees Fahrenheit (175 Celsius) while relaxing linalool is ready at 388 degrees (198 C). The best temp for getting the most THC from a concentrate is 311 degrees (155 C); for CBD, it’s 329 degrees (165 C).  

E-nail benefits

e nail

E-nails get rid of the need for butane or torches, which saves money, and is safer because you won’t have to handle a torch. Getting rid of butane and the cans they come in is also much better for the environment. 

E-nails also give you complete control over the temperature of your dabs, allowing you to dial it in incrementally. You can use lower temperatures to maximize terpenes or a higher temperature to decarboxylate more THC.

E-nails also allow you to maintain a consistent temperature—you won’t have to heat and reheat the nail, as with a torch.

Daniel De Sailles, the owner of Top Shelf Extracts and a founder of the Secret Cup, credits Taskrok, the rapper who helped coin the term 710, with creating the first E-nail and carb caps. 

How to use an e-nail

Using an e-nail is similar, and simpler, to using a regular nail. Select the temperature you want to dab at, and wait for the e-nail to reach that temperature. Drop your dab of concentrate onto your e-nail and use a carb cap if you have one, just like you would on a traditional nail heated by a torch. After your e-nail has cooled down, clean it with rubbing alcohol.

What is the best e-nail for dabs?

The best e-nail dab rig will offer the highest levels of temperature regulation and may be expensive. The investment in a good e-nail can be worth the price for someone who enjoys smoking cannabis concentrates with optimal flavor and doesn’t want to keep spending money on butane for handheld torches. 

E-nail materials are also a factor to consider. Titanium nails tend to be the most durable, while ceramic nails are excellent at retaining heat and allow for a longer dabbing session. Quartz nails heat up quickly and are good for spontaneous dabs. 

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