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CBD Coffee – The NEW Cannabis-Infused Craze?

In a way, it’s a little surprising that CBD infused coffee has taken so long to make itself relevant on the market. Given the relatively meteoric rise of weed-based beverages and edibles, one would’ve likely thought that coffee might be one of the first things to receive a cannabis-based kick in the pants.

In reality, though, it’s only been somewhat recently that someone came up with the grand idea to infuse a little ganja into their steam-roasted java beans.

In this article, we’ll talk about what CBD coffee is (don’t worry, it’s pretty self-explanatory), how CBD differs from ‘regular’ marijuana, and what some of the health benefits are to incorporating a little cannabis into your daily cup of joe so that you can enjoy the best CBD infused coffee possible.

CBD Coffee vs. Marijuana Coffee vs. Hemp-Infused Coffee… What’s the Difference?

So one of the most common questions that we hear in regard to CBD coffee is, “what’s the difference between marijuana-infused coffee and CBD coffee?” Or, “is hemp infused coffee and marijuana coffee the same thing?”

Basically, hemp and marijuana are two plants of the same cannabis species (Cannabis sativa L), with the major difference being that hemp doesn’t get you high. This is because it (hemp) contains lower amounts of THC (basically only trace amounts.) It’s important to understand that it still contains THC, but not at high levels like with the marijuana plant.

While both of these compounds (CBD and THC) are found naturally in the cannabis plant, THC is the one that’s responsible for the stereotypical high. CBD provides similar medical and therapeutic effects, without any of the intoxication.

When discussing coffee, some coffee roasts do however include both CBD and THC, and these can potentially deliver a pretty significant high. However, what people really seem to be interested in as of late is pure CBD coffee, which you can drink every single morning just like a regular cup of joe — it provides loads of health benefits (see below), without getting you stoned in any way.

Naturally, of course, the products that can be shipped to the whole of the U.S are made from high-quality industrial hemp plants, which are loaded with CBD but contain less than 0.3% THC.

Less common, on the other hand, is actual “marijuana coffee” that contains both THC and CBD. This will cause you to get high and is generally not too desirable for those seeking therapy or medical relief, along with being able to function with ease throughout the entirety of the day.

How Is CBD Coffee Made?

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Like we mentioned, CBD is an active compound in the marijuana plant. Thus, it needs to be properly extracted and isolated from other compounds before it can be infused into beans during the coffee roasting process.

However, this isn’t as easy as simply soaking some beans in a “hemp-infused” oil, or splashing a few drops of CBD tincture into dry coffee grounds prior to brewing a fresh pot.

Rather, the natural oils that the coffee beans release during the grinding and roasting process need to be used as the actual CBD “carrier.” Otherwise, master brewers have found that the overall “coffee” taste becomes severely compromised.

In short, if you want a hideously-tasting homemade CBD coffee, by all means, splash a few drops of hemp oil into one of your Keurig K-Cups, and call it a day.

If you want a daily CBD therapy that actually tastes like a “proper” cup of java, on the other hand, you really do need to set yourself up with a well-made, properly infused CBD roast.

The best cannabis-incorporating master roasters (which we’ll talk about below) have spent years devising and perfecting specific roasting processes that allow for efficient CBD infusion, without having to sacrifice any traditional coffee taste.

Health Benefits of CBD Infused Coffee

So if it doesn’t make you high, then why are so many people jumping on board with the CBD coffee craze?

As it turns out, CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a potentially phenomenal natural therapy for literally dozens and dozens of different ailments. General pain relief is probably the single most common reason that people take CBD, but it’s also proven to be extremely effective for psychological conditions like anxiety and depression, as well as for things like chronic seizures/epilepsy, diabetes, migraines, neurodegenerative disease (multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia), digestive issues, and even menstrual cramps.

That is to say, their chronic pain is subdued, their mood and state of mind are elevated, and their general sense of physical and emotional well-being is improved. And the best part of all? They do it all just by enjoying a normal cup of coffee — no smoking, no vaping, and no worries of being labeled a stoner or “pothead.”

What About Side Effects? Is It Bad to Take CBD with Caffeine?

So it can’t all be roller coasters and wedding cake, can it? Considering the vast health benefits and the fact that it poses virtually no risk of addiction or side effects, is the concept of CBD coffee too good to be true?

Well, while there’s, unfortunately, no real medical/clinical studies to base any hard evidence off of, the majority of both new and long-term CBD coffee drinkers have said that they do not notice any distinguishable negative side effects.

In fact, the majority of them report that CBD actually seems to work phenomenally well with the caffeine – they claim that it reduces cases of the “jitters” (which makes sense considering that research shows the potential of CBD as an anti-spasmodic), and also that it works wonders in terms of elevating mood, increasing mental acuity, and promoting general productivity.

The Best CBD Coffee? The Verdict Might Still Be Out…

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If you’re wondering what the best CBD coffee is, there’s really only a couple of tried-and-true candidates out there – at least at the time of this writing.

Using an oil tincture, Jamroz devised a crude, homemade CBD coffee concoction back in 2012 in order to find daily pain relief from a couple of slipped discs that he suffered during a snowboarding mishap. While the brew was relatively effective in terms of pain management, he claimed that the original cup tasted something like “hot, grassy swamp water.”

Not too enjoyable, in other words.

Coincidentally, however, when he was talking about the concoction out in his backyard one day with his roommate (Glennon), a neighbor happened to overhear their conversation. It just so happens that the neighbor was the one and only Gerry Leary – master roaster and owner of Boulder’s famous coffee shop, the Unseen Bean.

After some friendly “getting to know you” deliberation, the trio ended up going into business together, and now (after 3+ solid years of formulating the perfect concoction) are producing what’s likely the world’s finest – and certainly the world’s most popular – CBD coffee roast.

While their products were originally only available at the brick and mortar location in Boulder,  over the years they’ve created one of the best online coffee stores to provide online sales and nationwide shipping of their full-spectrum, CBD-infused African coffee beans.

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  1. Cool! I am using CBD coffee, and I am still looking for more ways on how to make different preparations with CBD infusion in coffee, and also different brands of CBD coffee that I have not tried so far. Even some e-commerce stores sell this at great prices, but I always like to buy from the official website of whatever brand I am using.

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