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Type: Indica Dominant.
Flowering Time: approx. 8 weeks indoors. Outdoors middle of Sept. at 50º NL
Yield: 350 grams per m2 indoors is feasible. Outdoors 300 grams per plant
Effect/Buzz: Energetic, direct
Smell/Taste: Fruity
THC: 16-20%

Rox is named for her hard, dense buds, green rocks of plant matter that are coated in resin. This plant is well adapted to colder regions A strong mold-resistance means Rox can grow outside in rainy climates like Holland. It is not the largest of plants, but definitely one of the most solid, even so that the rain washes off.

Although the yield is a bit lower then on some other varieties, the buds smaller in size have more weight then you would expect first. The taste and potency definitely makes up for the size of it!

These hard nuggets are a pleasure to smoke, with a gorgeous smell and tangy, fruity aroma as fresh and sweet as strawberry-mint!

The high has a ‘feelgood’ effect on the body and soul. It hits you immediately and can sometimes be quite overwhelming in its take-off. Not a 9 to 5 smoke, Rox has an energetic and direct effect, which makes it an excellent party smoke Sister of the Swiss cannabiscup winner 2004, Erdbeeri.

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