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Swazi Safari

Developed: S. Africa, USA, Holland, F-1 hybrid
Sativa/Indica: A very special cross, mostly sativa
Appearance: Very resinous long buds
Smell/Taste: Fairly sweet with a hashy bite
High/Strength: Very clear up high, very strong
Yield per m2: Good
Sowing Time: May / June
Outdoor Harvest: October / November (Holland)
Flowering Period: 9 - 11 weeks (12 hrs indoor)

Be careful, this is a real African bush adventure!

A perfectly balanced Sativa cross, a slender plant that matures to carry sweet heavy buds. The taste is similar to Original Haze but a little sweeter like good hashish. With fairly good yields and a crystal clear, energizing high, this cross is perfect for adding clarity to your cosmic thoughts.

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