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Hemp leaf is a cultural ice wreck strain cbd shop

ice wreck strain cbd shopThe hemp leaf is one of the oldest sacred symbols. Its significance for millennia BC had nothing to do with today's naughty, hooliganistic connotations. The religion of marijuana is often described as a divine plant, which has otherworldly supernatural powers. Mention of cannabis as a medicinal plant (and healing at that time was inextricably linked to mysticism and religious rites) is present in the papyruses of Ancient Egypt and cuneiform tablets of the Sumerian civilization.

The first authorized mention of marijuana is in the Chinese clinic Shen Nuna. It prescribes the use of cannabis for treatment of many diseases: rheumatism, stomach disorders, malaria, recovery of menstrual cycle. The treatment was a complex rite, one important part of which was "cleansing the mind". Chinese medicine generally considers mental impact to be as important as physical (therapeutic) action. It is also worth noting that this list of diseases is very close to that claimed by modern scientists studying the medical effects of marijuana, including the "purification of the mind". Still, the Chinese did not deify cannabis, including it in the general medication range.

Symbolic meaning of hemp has found a thousand years later, in India. Here, cannabis is the symbol of the god Shiva, the destroyer and creator. Such high patronage gives marijuana a special status - during the main holiday dedicated to this god - Mahashivaratri (Main Night of Shiva), the de facto abolition of the law in force in modern India and Nepal, which provides for punishment for the possession and use of marijuana. In addition to the hemp plant itself, the embodiment of the spirit of Shiva are considered special tubes - chillums (chillums), intended for smoking hemp.

ice wreck strain cbd shopIn order to understand the mystical meanings of the ancient Indian and ancient Chinese images of marijuana leaf as a sacred symbol, it is necessary to understand the spirit and mentality of these peoples, taking into account the ice wreck strain thousands of years, hiding from us the real meaning of the bhanga and charrasa in culture and religion. I'm afraid there are few among us who can boast that they have finished "Bhagavat Gita" or cut off the attachment of sansara ... So let's not go into the artifacts of ancient civilizations and turn our eyes to the meaning of the leaf of cannabis in the culture and counter culture of our days.

Another religion that includes marijuana among the sacred symbols. Unlike Hinduism, whose followers, though living with us at the same time, have little to do with modern reality, Ractamanans are part of modern culture. There are two trends in this movement: the first is religious, taking its roots from Orthodox Christian missionaries who carry their teachings to black slaves in the Caribbean islands, particularly Jamaica. The cbd shop Bible was perceived by them as creative and also creatively redesigned. As a result, the Orthodox, as is the case with any fanatical followers, became a sect with rather strange extremist and racist ideas.

The second group is perceived by the example of Bob Marley, reggae music, and it is this group that creates a positive image of "Rastaman from the backwoods", not burdened with religious dogmas. Positive vibes, friendly and relaxed communication, clothing in Ethiopian flag colors (red, green and yellow) and, of course, the image of hemp leaves. Today's perception of the image of a hemp leaf is most associated with this very way of life and pattern. This, of course, has little to do with the religious origins of Rastafarianism.

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