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Hemp effect on the brain

The influence of cannabis flower on the brain has been the subject of fierce debate among supporters and opponents of cannabis culture for over half a century. It must be said that today, the debate is no less heated than in the middle of the last century, when there was virtually no scientific way to study the influence of cannabis on brain structures.

The research that has been carried out then and now is quite fragmentary, because since 1961 (with the adoption of the UN Convention), many countries around the world have banned not only cannabis cultivation, but also the study of cannabis. At present, only a few countries have lifted the ban on research on the properties of THC and it has become a reality to obtain a license to conduct research on the effects of marijuana on the brain.

So, the experiments are still under way. And many of their results make opponents of marijuana question their own arguments.

What happens in the brain when marijuana is smoked...

What happens in the brain when you smoke marijuana...Hemp effect on the brain

Scientists have studied the effect of cannabis on the brain when marijuana smoke enters the body. Psychoactive THC from the lungs enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body, including into brain structures. In the large hemisphere cortex, THC components bind to specific structures, the cannabinoid receptors of neurons, thus affecting their activity. Cannabinoid receptors are not located in the entire brain, but only in some parts of it.

Most of them:

In the centers of the cortex responsible for pleasure;

In the areas of the brain responsible for short-term memory;

The areas responsible for concentration and sensory perception;

In the brain areas responsible for coordinating movements.

This is why after smoking marijuana, the very effects of physical relaxation, euphoria, pleasure, high steaming and a sense of happiness arise. Perception changes, sounds, colours and smells may seem more intense and intense. Motor coordination can be disrupted - this is what the so-called "couch" stone-effect is all about.

Once the THC effect is stopped, normal brain function and motor coordination are fully restored. In order to reduce the effects of marijuana on the body, simple rules should be followed. For example, a cold shower or a dense snack will help to get your thoughts in order quickly.

A 2001-2003 study on animals at the Münchner Institute of Psychiatry in Munich. Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich have proven that cannabinoid receptors in the brain play a leading role in relieving people of anxiety, helping them to deal with the negative effects of psychological and physical trauma. These data open up prospects for the use of THC and OBD drugs in the treatment of a wide range of mental disorders caused by post-traumatic disorders.

The impact of cannabis on memory

Memory and Cannabis

The impact of marijuana on the brain cannot be considered without this important question. Many hemp opponents claim that marijuana impairs memory. Yes, in a sense it does, but - here we need to talk about it.

First, short-term memory only deteriorates when a person is directly influenced by marijuana. Of course, cannabis connoisseurs should not try to remember any new information when they smoke. But once exposure to THC disappears, short-term memory functions are fully restored. No effect on long-term memory has been detected;

Secondly, a person's ability to transfer memories from short-term memory to long-term memory is impaired. Again, it is the ability to recover after the effects have passed.

In general, many cannabis lovers appreciate it for this! For the opportunity to pass out of trouble for a while and forget about the soft relaxation or soaring effect. And it's unlikely that anyone will want to study the multiplication table at this point!

In addition, according to the authoritative scientific journal Leaf Science, it is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis with cannabinoid receptors associated with the ability to forget negative emotions and experiences.

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