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Best jobs for stoners

Best jobs for stoners

The development of today’s society is constantly changing the market and the perception of the modern world. With that fast forward effect, many controversial trends are not even considered taboo anymore: one of them is marijuana consumption. Cannabis is a unique psychoactive plant linked to many medicinal and therapeutic benefits. However, like everything, uncontrolled and …

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edible brands

Cannabis edibles brands

Luxe truffles, apple pie-flavored gummies, and sparkling cbd-infused tea are some of many of the best edible products out there. It’s been a decidedly great year for weed. We’ve had states like New Jersey and Arizona legalize, Congress passed the MORE act which puts another dent into federal prohibition, and dispensaries and other cannabis businesses …

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420 friendly places to stay

Weed friendly hotels

Vacations are freaking fantastic. Cannabis can also be freaking fantastic, when used wisely. Combining the two is a no-brainer. The list below includes some of the best weed-friendly travel spots in the country. They each offer something that the others don’t, so you can make them fit your needs. Wanna get back to nature? Done. …

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stoner cartoons

Stoner cartoons

Do you often wonder, “what are the best shows to watch high?” Or, more specifically, “what are the best cartoons to watch high?” You’re not alone. Yet who can answer you? God? Yahweh? TV Guide? Place no stock in their answers – the latter is swayed by ratings and ad revue, the former by moral …

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