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How safe it is to use aaaa cannabis Canada for a long time

aaaa cannabis CanadaToday, public opinion about cannabis is changing all over the planet, and there is no doubt about it. Whether marijuana is banned or legalized in specific states, the number of "club members" is growing every day.

But how safe is the long-term use of cannabis? The fact is that, although there has been many more scientific studies on this plant in the last few years, we still know quite little about how it affects the body in the long term. In this article, we have tried to collect as much data as possible on the ability of cannabis to affect human health, both in isolated cases of consumption and in the process of long-term and regular use.

Not every cannabis user uses this plant regularly and in large quantities. However, many have had at least one experience with cannabis. For this reason, we have decided to start our story by looking at the consequences that can occur in a short term use.

Cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, with which cannabis active substances interact, are located throughout the body. At extremely high concentrations, they are found in almost all parts of the brain (including the cerebellum, hippocampus, cortex, basal ganglia, hypothalamus, amygdala and others). CB2 receptors are present in immune system cells and some neurons. Learn more about the impact of cannabis on the immune system.

aaaa cannabis CanadaBy interacting with these receptors, cannabis can cause changes in mood, memory, appetite, coordination, sense of pain, perception of the world and many other biological processes. It is enough to remember the effects of marijuana: euphoria, relaxation, increased appetite, altered perception of time and unconventional thinking. Cannabis can also temporarily increase the pleasure that a person feels from eating, having sex, listening to music, artistic creation, etc.

Hemp can't cause a fatal overdose. To date, there have been no recorded cases of human death resulting from direct use of too much cannabis. However, some cannabinoids (especially THC) at too high concentrations in the body may cause unpleasant effects, including

  • Problems with decision-making
  • Short-term memory disturbances
  • Disorderly thoughts
  • Alarm
  • Sweatiness
  • Nausea and vomiting

Cannabis use, like smoking tobacco or any other dried plant material, can also cause acute respiratory irritation. Any of these effects disappear after a few hours, when the concentration of cannabis marijuana in the body is naturally reduced. It can be concluded that sporadic introductions to the plant do not carry the risk of irreversible consequences.

So, we have found out that the risks of single cannabis use, even if the dose is exceeded many times, are not particularly terrible, and all the consequences go away after a few hours. But what if cannabis has been a constant companion of life for many years? What dangers https://gg4.store/product-category/flower/ could that entail?

The effect of marijuana on lungs is the same as that of regular cigarettes. No matter how you spin it, and the combustion process is always associated with the formation of carcinogens. Another question is that the amount of daily joints used is probably not even close to the amount of cigarettes consumed by the average smoker.

There is also a curious fact. The researchers have noticed that any type of regular inhalation of various herbs causes certain mutations in cells, which ultimately make them cancer. In the case of cannabis, the mutations usually do not overcome the "cancer threshold". According to the main hypothesis, it is that the action of cannabinoids blocks tumour formation processes.

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