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Month: May 2021

Making cannaoil

Infusion is often the most difficult part of cooking with cannabis, which can cause some people to turn to their vaporizer in frustration. I am here to tell you that it’s worth it. Yes, international travel can be a difficult task but this doesn’t mean it is impossible. If you haven’t yet discovered the fantastic …

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How to grow marijuana?

How to grow marijuana outdoors Growing marijuana outdoors offers growers natural light and significantly reduces the cost of their crop. With no artificial lights or fans necessary, electricity may only be required for irrigation. Exposure to natural conditions benefits plants but exposure to harsh environmental conditions may hinder an outdoor crop. Examples of possible crop …

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Crumble wax

“Crumble,” sometimes called “crumble wax” or “honeycomb wax,” is a cannabis extract that can be identified by its malleable texture that falls apart when touched. Unlike most concentrates, such as shatter or wax, crumble is very versatile. Dabbing is not limited to this. You can also add it to joints, blunts, spliffs, and even sprinkle …

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